May 17, 2022

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James Webb has already fully deployed his mirror as he approaches the L2 point

James Webb has already fully deployed his mirror as he approaches the L2 point

Photo of the article titled The James Webb has already fully revealed his mirror and has almost reached his destination

James Space Telescope Web . completed the Complicated posting for him Mirrors this week, and that’s it about to finish Your journey to the point Lagrange L2, where it will begin to revolve around the sun 1,500,000 km from Earth.

James Web approaching ya al The second Lagrange point, which is a point In space, only the telescope is allowed a Minimum fuel to stay in place. From there, the telescope will be observed outer planets and early universe at wavelengths infrared yardsthe Infrared near. This is expected telescope key We understand how it works The birth and development of the universe, because it is a lot more powerful from its predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope, who was released in 1990.

telescope mosques Webb was launched into space on December 25 from French Guiana and has since traveled almost 140,000 km. During this trip, the telescope He had to go unfold little by little, as To be able to send it into space Mission Engineers They had to fold it like an origami piece. Very cautiousweb I got unfold your Umbrella s your mirrors, to complete the last steps this week.

the telescope he have 18 pieces that make up the Primary mirror (The primary mirror is the large structure that looks like From honeycomb perpendicular to the canopy) and with secondary mirror. the Mirror clips are adjustable and should be changed from position after launch. Management NASA, Bill Nelson, confirmed This Wednesday that the The mirror was already fully revealed.

It will be necessary to do small adjustments In parking mirrors during thiss in the next few months until everything is perfectly aligned and we can start the Scientific notes, as it can be read in telescope page. But now that it’s over Publishing, there is only one important step left: the right place The telescope is on Goal L2.

The telescope must reach the point Next L2 January 23 and after You will have five months to finish the calibration work relevant to start Scientific notes. the East A journey of one and a half million kilometers It’s just a prelude to a great science career can last more than 20 years.

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