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Jamie Foxx has already left the hospital and is “recovering,” according to his daughter |  the people

Jamie Foxx has already left the hospital and is “recovering,” according to his daughter | the people

Oscar-winning American actor Jamie Foxx (Terrell, Texas, 55 years old) has already been discharged from the hospital and is recovering from the medical emergency that prompted him to be admitted on April 11. It was his daughter, Corinne Fox, who wanted to report on his state of health, with a letter in which he gave only these details about the condition of the interpreter. And he wanted to do so to silence rumors and news that had been circulating in recent days, in which various media outlets claimed that Foxx’s friends had asked their followers for best wishes and prayers while the family was preparing for the worst.

Family Update: So sad to see the media go crazy. My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks and recovering. In fact, yesterday I was playing pickleball. [deporte de palas que combina elementos del bádminton, el tenis de mesa y el tenis]Foxx’s daughter, who is also an actress, wrote in stories to your Instagram account. Next to the message is a screenshot where you can see it One of the information that confirmed that the family was preparingOr worse, in terms of Jamie Foxx’s health. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We also have an exciting job announcement next week,” Corinne finished her post.

On April 11, after a “medical complication”, Foxx was taken to a medical center in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia (USA), where he was filming. Back in business, a movie for Netflix in which she co-stars with Glenn Close and Cameron Diaz, as the actress returns to the industry after years away from Hollywood. Then it was also his daughter who reported the actor’s state of health through social networks: “Fortunately, thanks to quick work and great care, he is already on the way to recovery.” But in that statement he did not mention any details of the medical problems that brought the interpreter to the hospital, and he has not provided them now.

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On May 3, Foxx himself posted a brief message on social networks: “I appreciate all the love! I feel so blessed.” your Instagram account. He added another message in his message stories Which ended with the phrase: “See you soon!”. But those words didn’t stop the recently troubling information about his health, which was now going to spur his daughter’s new letter.

Throughout these weeks, many were the professional colleagues of a translator Beam (2004), the film for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor, O.J Django Unchained (2012) who wanted to publicly show their support for him, but those close to him did not provide information about his health either. One of the last to speak was Nick Cannon, who replaced Foxx as host of the game show. Shazam won as his daughter was also going to work as a hostess. “I can’t say what it is, but it’s coming soon. He was reluctant to come here and talk, but he gave me his blessing, and that’s a very sweet thing. He’s awake. They say he’s awake, so we’re happy. He’s an example of what it means,” he said at the beginning of May. family.

On May 5, a source from the actor’s circle told the magazine the people That Foxx was stable and out of any life threatening situation. “The doctors are running more checks and want to be absolutely sure he will be fine before letting him leave the hospital,” he said, adding that the actor was advised to keep his “stress level low” when he was discharged.

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As for his work on the Netflix movie, after a short break, filming resumed a few days after he entered, and they hired Foxx double to resume recording.