August 7, 2022

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Jazz 127-105 Pelican |  NBA: Willie Hernández gets the 1500 and it shows once again that he had a place in these pelicans

Jazz 127-105 Pelican | NBA: Willie Hernández gets the 1500 and it shows once again that he had a place in these pelicans

TheYou are New Orleans Pelicans He couldn’t complete the mission to defeat two consecutive nights Utah Jazz in his home. With the lesson learned from what happened 24 hours ago, Salt Lake City confirmed their position as favorites at home and comfortably won (127-102) for those of Louisiana, who saw their back-to-back victory streak break.

Technical information

  • 127, jazz- Bogdanovich (11), Joubert (6), Conley (20), Inglis (15) and Mitchell (21); Paschal (2), Jay (13), Whiteside (10), Clarkson (20), Forrest (4), Butler (5), Oni (-) Way Hughes (-).
  • 102, pelican- Ingram (11), Jones (6), Valencionas (12), Graham (6) and Way Hart (6); Temple (6), Marshall (10), Hernández (10), Hayes (15), Lewis Jr. (4), Satoransky (6), Alexander Walker (10), Murphy III (6) and Y Alvarado (-).

Donovan Mitchell He was the best jazz player with him 21 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists, showing that what happened the night before was nothing more than an accident and that this jazz is much better than the Pelicans, as they showed during the first three quarters of the standoff set 36 minutes later.

Willy Hernangmez intenta superar a Rudy GobertAP

Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson Accompany the star Jazz accompaniment with 20 points eachWhile Joe Engels remained at the age of fifteen in his fourth game as a starting player this season. Lots of arsenal for some pelicans who weren’t ahead of the scoreboard after the initial 0-2.

Jazz with 40 features

Jazz, who had 56% accuracy on field shots and 57% of triples after scoring 20 shots from three (best mark of the season), they took advantage of 19-4 in the first set to leave on the scoreboard and have a quiet night in front of their fans.

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Jackson Hayes was a scorer (15 points) for some Pelicans that had up to six players with double digits in scoring. Among them, the Spaniards emerged Willie Hernangmys Which took root in the New Orleans rotation after the start of the season that didn’t seem to fit in with Willie Green’s plans.

Night results

  • 76ers 120-121 Timberwolves
  • Hooks 90-99 Knicks
  • Grids 107-113 Sun
  • Cavaliers 105-92 Magic
  • Bulls 104-107 heat
  • Missiles 146-143 Hornets
  • Mavericks 114-120 Wizards
  • Jazz 127-105 Pelican

Spanish international who He already hit 1500 rebounds in his NBA careerHe played his fifth game in a row and again reached the double-scoring numbers 10 points. Hernángmez came off the bench to play 18 minutes in which he scored a goal Five of the seven field goals he attempted. He also captured eight rebounds (three of them offensive) and distributed three assists. However, their numbers weren’t enough to hurt the Jazz team, who had a 40-point lead at the start of the fourth quarter.