November 28, 2023

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Jessica Newton wants Millet Figueroa in next Miss Peru: ‘I love it and she knows it’

Jessica Newton wants Millet Figueroa in next Miss Peru: ‘I love it and she knows it’

Jessica Newton wants Millet Figueroa in Miss Peru. (Infobae configuration)

he Miss Peru Universe It has become one of the most important beauty pageants in our country to the point that the whole of Peru is waiting to meet our representative in the international beauty pageant. this year, Camilla Scribens She will be responsible for searching for the long-awaited crown and it is hoped that she will be able to bring it back.

Although it has not yet reached international competition, Jessica Newton She’s always ready to meet more candidates for upcoming competitions, which is why she already has the actress in her sights. Millet Figueroawhich is currently in Argentina as part of the “Bailando 2023” program.

Thus, recently, mother Cassandra Sanchez de La Madrid He opened the popular questions box from his followers and received some questions related to the next edition of the competition.

One curious netizen suggested this Millet Figueroa On the list of candidates for the competition. As is well known, in addition to young women submitting themselves to participate, Newton also calls up some models or public figures that he deems have what it takes to win so that they can try their luck.

Jessica Newton wants Millet Figueroa in Miss Peru. (Infobae configuration)

For this reason, the user recommended contacting Figueroa Valcarcel: “It’s her turn Millet Figueroa Compete again, don’t you think she’s a wonderful woman today.

In this regard, Jessica Newton did not hesitate to respond and was very happy with this proposal. The director stated that she really admires the participant and that she hopes that this will be the opportunity for her to reach the final, and not as happened in 2016 when she was unable to do so.

“I love Millet and she knows it. I’ve seen her compete internationally and win. She withdrew from the competition due to health issues, but there is no longer an age limit so whenever she wants to,” she stated in her Instagram post.

Miss Peru 2023 already has a date and official broadcast channel.

In 2016, Millet Figueroa Seems to compete for Miss Peru Universe. She emerged as the favorite in the competition, but everything seemed to indicate that this was not the right time for her, because although she was going well, a health problem limited her process and she had to be eliminated from the competition.

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As he learned, Millett was suffering from severe allergies all over his body, which prevented him from appearing on time for the competition and he had to take a break to recover. Her manager at the time ruled out the young woman being able to participate in the competition due to the limitations she was experiencing due to illness.

“I don’t think it’s enough time for us, because his skin recovery is very slow. If you were to withdraw from Miss Peru? Depending on how the problem goes, that’s the safest thing. If he doesn’t get better, if he can’t put “If he wears makeup or is exposed to the sun, it will be difficult for him to continue racing.”

Millet Figueroa seems uncomfortable with questions about her privacy. America TV from Argentina

In 2020, her followers asked Jessica Newton if she… Millet Figueroa I can apply again. In this regard, the former beauty queen commented that she could no longer appear again because at that time the minimum age to participate in the competition was 28 years and Figueroa was already 29 years old.

However, for him Miss Universe 2024There will be no upper age limit, and any woman of legal age will have the possibility to participate in the beauty contest in her country. This is why Newton stated that he now had “open arms” for her.