November 30, 2023

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Nestor Villanueva confirms his romantic relationship with Grace Keren, although the model has denied it several times: “I’m happy”

Nestor Villanueva confirms his romantic relationship with Grace Keren, although the model has denied it several times: “I’m happy”

Nestor Villanueva confirmed his romantic relationship with Grace Keren | America Today/America TV

Nestor Villanueva I turned the page after the divorce Florcita Polo Diaz. He recently confirmed that he has a romantic relationship with Grace Kerenformer partner of the footballer Gerson Reyes. Through social media, the cumbia singer expressed his love for the model and then entered into a dialogue with…America TodayHe indicated that he feels happy about this new stage.

On his Instagram stories, Villanueva He posted a picture of his hands intertwined with mine Grace Keren. In addition to mentioning her in the shot, the national artist made it clear that they are more than just friends by posting the song “I will love you always”the romantic song by Whitney Houston.

Nestor Villanueva confirmed his love affair with Grace Keren. Capture America TV

Immediately, the teamAmerica Today“Call a phone number Nestor Villanueva To congratulate him on starting a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend Gerson Reyes. To the reporter’s surprise, it was Grace herself who answered the call, as it seemed she would now be his new representative.

“Hello? Hello yes? (If we want to make the relationship official) Nestor should tell him. I’m here, I’ll pass it on to you,” he said between nervous laughs.

Once Nestor Villanueva He answered the call and stated that he feels “calm and happy” about this new love in his life. His partner interrupts to add that Combiampero is “a boy he has known for a long time, but they have met again recently.” “It’s not that we have a great time, it’s just that we have a lot of time,” the influencer explained.

Nestor Villanueva, already divorced from Florcita Polo Diaz, is in a love affair with Grace Keren. Instagram/@nestorvillanuevaoficial @greiskeren

After listening to the statements of Dr Nestor VillanuevaEthel Puzo has never lost sight of time Grace Keren He has categorically denied having had romantic outings with Compiampero.

“No, no, no, nothing ever happened. I’ve known him for a long time through a group. Any woman wants to fall in love.” He never throws a single seed at me,” the model said in June of this year, center. From the live broadcast of “America Today‘.

Grace Kerin angrily denied being an accomplice of Nestor Villanueva. Capture America TV

But this was not the first time he had been rejected Nestor Villanueva. In February of the same year, Gris announced that he saw Combiampero only as a good friend. “Our relationship is more than anything business. I want someone else in my life, someone who hasn’t had a lot of scandals,” he told Trum.

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Grace Keren She is a model, influencer, radio host, and TV presenter from Peru. He has worked in shows like “Veran explosionalsoFrom “Chola”, “Chapuka Wa”On everyone’s lips‘. She is also a promoter of many products in areas such as “morning‘ And ‘Say it out loud‘.

On the emotional side, Grace Keren It was a couple Gerson Reyes. The model confirmed at the time that she decided to end her relationship with the football player when she discovered that he was cheating on her with Dorita Orbegoso. Currently, he is having an affair with Nestor Villanuevaex-husband of Florcita Polo Diaz.

Greis Keren is Néstor Villanueva’s new partner. Instagram/@greiskeren

like Nestor Villanuevadaughter of L Susie Diaz I was given a second chance at love. Florceta Polo He has a romantic relationship with a businessman Luigi Yarasek33 years.

“God has sent me a wonderful man in my life (Luigi Yarasca) and I am happy, I cannot hide it. In addition, I have already seen the photos and I will not say that I am single when I am not. He told the newspaper Trum after publishing photos of them in a romantic situation: “ I am happy”.