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Joan Sebastian, the story behind her first stage name |  Figueroa |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Joan Sebastian, the story behind her first stage name | Figueroa | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda nnlt | Fame

Although everyone knows him by the name Mexican singer Jose Manuel Figueroa did not always present himself in this way, so until he came to such a successful artistic name, it took a long time, leaving a strange story that deserved to be told in the media so that the younger one would know. More about one of the main artists of the last century.

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He was his manager and friend Jaime Sanchez Rosado who told in an interview how the idea for the stage name for the Juliantla-born singer came, leaving many surprised as he believed his producer at the time made the decision to call him and introduce him to the world in this way.

Before reaching the long-awaited fame, Joan Sebastian’s name was something else but he changed his stage name for a simple reason (Image: Joan Sebastian/Instagram)

How was the stage name Joan Sebastian created?

During the early years of his career,King of Garibo‘He didn’t appear on stage as Juan Sebastian but Figueroa, mentioning his father’s last name, but something that didn’t add up to everything. There are even some standard productions that have been named this way.

Jaime Sánchez Rosado, after receiving a recommendation from someone, called the artist to sign him for Mozart’s recordings and there was a serious conversation about what artistic name would be used, considering that everyone thought he’d still be called by his last name.

According to the deceased translator’s friend, it was he himself who made the decision to change his stage name because he was not completely satisfied. Moreover, he also proposed the idea of ​​Joan Sebastian, which was accepted without problem.

“He really put the name on his mind. She told me that at the time it was her last name and that she didn’t like it, so she wanted to change it to Joan Sebastian. I told him it wasn’t easy for people, but it’s fun. We don’t argue, we accept it right away”Sanchez said.

It was time for Joan Sebastian to be unfaithful to Maribel Guardia with Arlette Tyrone

And the Joan Sebastian They were one of the hottest couples of the ’90s. They were so popular that Emilio Larosa invited them to star in Telenovela”“, which was well received by the audience. However, their relationship ended amid a major scandal after the “Garibo King” cheated on the actress with her co-star, Arleth Terran.

“I found out watching a program and it was horrible, Joanne was at home with me. The night before he waited all night, it was 6 am and he arrived around 7. When I sat down to watch the program they said they saw him dancing with Arleth Terán in a disco, Pepillo Origel said that “Little artist.

When he found out about marital infidelity, He remembered that he was with him at home. “King of Garibo” and his mother.

“To me it was like a bucket of water and I asked him to leave the house. My mother was there and it looked like me, I fell, cried and cried and I’m so calm, but I was broken inside.calculated.

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