June 23, 2024

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Julian Muñoz |  Update on Julián Muñoz’s health condition: Maite Zaldivar provides the latest news

Julian Muñoz | Update on Julián Muñoz’s health condition: Maite Zaldivar provides the latest news

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Breaking news about the alarming health condition of Julian MuñozPeople’s Army

Although photos of Julián Muñoz walking with Maite Zaldivar and her daughter Elia through the garden of the Costa del Sol University Hospital in Marbella last Friday suggest that the former Malaga mayor will be released imminently from hospital to return home with his entire family, Isabel Pantoja’s ex is still… In hospital at the moment.

Although his health condition has improved and the alarms that were activated when his admission to the hospital was announced in the middle of last week, various media outlets have claimed that the “running and deadly cancer” from which the former politician is suffering has entered a new stage and he will receive intravenous treatment – doctors prefer. Waiting for his development to be more appropriate before leaving the clinic where he receives continuous 24-hour care.

Maite Zaldivar is inseparable from Julian and proves once again that her husband is her only priority, not missing a single day in the hospital. The hotel owner came on Monday, accompanied by one of her granddaughters, and spent several hours inside, making journalists stationed at the hospital gates waiting for the former mayor to leave.

This is something that had not been thought of at any time, as his wife explained when leaving the place: “No, not today,” stressing that although Muñoz is “better” they still do not know when they will be able to. go home. Something Maite stressed this weekend that he is “looking forward to”, like any patient in his same situation.

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Julian’s health was the only priority for his entire family at the time, including Fernando Marcos, who although it was not made clear whether he was still Zaldivar’s partner after her second wedding with the former politician, was still another one in the media on Monday who was Responsible for taking Maity by car to the clinic doors.