July 1, 2022

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Juvenile mental health professionals

Juvenile mental health professionals

Mexico City. Representative Laura Barrera-Fortul (PRI) asked the House of Representatives to urge the federal government, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, to form a group of specialists to strengthen measures that contribute to confronting the health effects of the epidemic. Boys and teens.

In his proposal, which was referred to the Health Committee for opinion, he noted that during the pandemic, mental health had become an issue of great importance, leading to changes in sentiment due to the complex social and economic crisis, especially in people who were unable to leave their homes as children and adolescents. .

It is considered that mental health in Mexico is a complex issue, because before the epidemic there were many challenges to overcome, but with the crisis these challenges have become enormous, so it is necessary to pay attention to the mental stability of the population, especially the most vulnerable groups.

She explains that since the announcement of National Healthy Distance Day, 26 million girls and boys under the age of 16 have stopped going to school, seeing their friends and grandparents and playing in the parks, and staying at home, as they have lost their academics. and social routine, and had to adapt to a new normal that was eventually not accepted.

It points to the need for a group of professionals to quickly assess harms and requirements in mental health, such as psychosocial support, including identifying and mapping available resources, and pre-existing services which are the most vulnerable segments of the population with the least potential for attention.

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He adds that it is essential to facilitate access to mental health care and psychosocial support through direct or remote medical assistance services for girls and boys, in order to help reduce or treat problems that may be exacerbated if they do not face the weather. .

It also states that for a safe return to the classroom, it is essential to have mental health professionals available for face-to-face or remote assistance, helping to develop their abilities and eliminating any symptoms that may compromise their well-being.

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