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K-pop songs on iTunes Peru can be played today

K-pop songs on iTunes Peru can be played today

FILE – J-Hope, a member of the South Korean K-pop band BTS, poses for photographers before a press conference to introduce his single “Butter” in Seoul, South Korea on May 21, 2021. (AP Photo/Lee ​​Jin-Man, File)

The perfectly synchronized choreography, catchy songs with a diverse mix of genres and idols are indescribably catchy Some of the factors that brought K-Pop to its international fameto become apparent It generates about 12 billion dollars annually for South Koreaaccording to Forbes magazine.

Not even COVID-19 can cloud the outlook for this industry, because during that harsh crisis it was the main thing Entertainment agencies (Hybe Labels, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment) They continued to report multi-million dollar profits.

Such is the influence of K-pop that even the South Korean government knows about it Hallyu wave The “Korean Wave” is a pillar of its economy, as the music and entertainment industry alone generates $114.7 million per quarter in the trade balance.

Likewise, another sector favored by the recent popularity of this Asian country is tourism, with the Hyundai Research Institute (HRI) reporting that at least 796,000 foreigners travel to South Korean territory every year influenced by K-popwith 1 in 13 people doing so for BTS, showing that K-pop is a 100% profitable business.

In social networks the matter has not been left behind either X (formerly Twitter) has become one of the main weapons Where fans of artists can talk about the latest music releases, the most shocking news, talk about various celebrities, etc.

Regarding its influence in the West, there are music platforms such as Itunes Which gave space to K-Pop, and even created its own space Daily ranking of the most popular songs In at least 39 countries, including Peru.

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1. Neuron Artist: Y-Amal

2. I wonder.. Artist: Y-Amal

3. birth Artist: ARTMS


5. like mad Artist: Jimin

6. smoothie Artist: NCT DREAM

7. Astronaut Artist: Jane

8. Seven Artist: Jung Kook and Lato

9. Like Crazy (English Version) Artist: Jimin

10.Will come

Artist: BTS

BLACKPINK's Lisa is the first artist to win the “Best K-Pop” award at the VMAs. (Reuters/Brendan McDiarmid)

Modern K-pop (from English “K-pop”) Its origins go back to the 1990s with the emergence of the popular group Seo Taiji and Boys In 1992, they became known for incorporating Western music genres such as rap, hip-hop, rock, jazz, electronica, and techno into their songs.

This trio consists of: Seo Taeji, Yang Hyun Suk, and Lee JunoHe made his debut on the MBC talent show with the song Nan Arayo, shocking the judges He gave them the lowest ratings. However, the success of this song on radio and television was resounding, paving the way for the release of more songs in this style and more artists who chose it.

It wasn't until 1995 when producer Lee Soo Man founded one of the companies that to this day remains a “heavyweight” in the music industry, SM Entertainment; While former Seo Taiji & Boys member Yang Hyun Suk created YG Entertainment (nineteen ninety-six); Followed by JYB Entertainment (1997), created by singer Park Jin Young.

These three companies were often called the “Big Three” – even then The success that BTS achieved with the help of BigHit Entertainment (known today as Hybe Labels) – was dedicated to educating the first generations of idols, in order to meet the demand of the Korean public wanting to see young artists.

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Along this path, HOT Group was one of the first groups to debut in the industry, followed by others who formed the popular group “The first generation of K-Pop” Such as Sechs Kies, SES, Fin.KL, NRG, Baby VOX, Diva, Shinhwa, god

At the beginning of the new millennium, some debuting idol groups were inactive while others such as Baby Vox achieved success in various regions of Asia, an example being their song Coccidence, which was promoted at the 2003 FIFA World Cup It was placed first on the Chinese music charts.

At the same time, other artists who broke out as soloists also marked a milestone: snakethe first Korean singer to top Japan's Oricon chart, which is equivalent to Billboard's but Asian chart and which artists from other countries rarely get to enter. rainAn actor and singer who performed for 40,000 people in Beijing.

Later I will start the call “The second generation of K-Pop”again with groups that were made up of young personalities such as TVXQ (debut in 2003), SS501 (2005), Super Junior (2005), BIGBANG (2006), as well as girl groups such as Wonder Girls (2007), Girls' Generation (2007) and Kara (2007).

By 2008, South Korea was already leading the entertainment market in Asia with an annual growth rate of more than 10% in the world. exports From its music and television productions to Korean dramas, it even accounts for 68% of Japan's music market, ahead of China (11.2%) and the United States (2.1%).

Later, more groups such as SHINee or… No finalThe latter who managed to consolidate the record of existence The first to reach the top of Billboard's Emerging Artists chart In 2014 with his song Last Romeo; 2PM, EXO, 2EN1, up to The third generation of K-Pop Where new groups are included such as BTS, Seventeen, GOT7, Twice, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, among othersup to the current The fourth generation They are all who debuted between 2017 and 2018 such as Stray Kids, ITZY, Ateez, Astro and more.

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It is worth noting that a turning point must be taken into account Gangnam Style by rapper Psya song that not only managed to break unimaginable records on music platforms such as YoutubeBut it also traveled the world and proved that language was no barrier to success in highly competitive countries like the American industry.

To date, the group holds the stick as K-Pop's greatest exponents BTS -made of Suga, RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook– who, in addition to dominating the music industry in South Korea and boosting their fame in the rest of the world, has been named “Asia’s Trendsetter” by The Economist and “Artist of the Year” by Time Magazine, not to mention his own Grammy Awards. Award Nominations and 10 Billboard Awards.