April 13, 2024

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The odyssey that electric car drivers are experiencing these days

The odyssey that electric car drivers are experiencing these days

the networks Social media has literally been on fire this weekend with… problems Which car owners have registered for electricity When returning home after vacation trips.

Chaos, hours of I am waiting And cold It has been companions From the travel undertaken by users of these vehicles during these days, a situation that further exacerbates the sensitive situation Situation through which they pass sales Of electric cars in Spain, which barely reach 5% to Involved from the market.

Network problem

Haters officers (Haters) for electric cars collected dozens of videos, which went viral like foam In social networks. In these you can see how vehicle owners are Tesla They complain about waiting longer than… Two hours To be able to charge your battery Saturation Of the Chargers currently registered due to a lack of points.

Dozens of cars are waiting while some chargers are not working

In this case Storm Nelson has Aggravation The situation is extreme, since Low temperatures He causes battery he He spends sooner, forcing you to stop to recharge frequently.

Heating off

In parallel with The heating Up to 20% can be subtracted independence For electric cars, which is why many owners have to travel Without heating Or wait with it turned off to charge due to the risk of remaining 'dried' Midway.

Tesla no longer indicates the number of free downloads when it's on the road

In this case a Tesla owner Model 3 Tell us that consumption From your car, this bridge increased from 17 kilowatt-hours to 21 kilowatt-hours over a distance of 100 kilometers above coldResulting in your car going from a normal range of about 375 km to about 330 km.

In fact, on his usual journey Galicia To Madrid I had to stop twice 50 minutes To load, when it is usually with two of 20 minutes Arriving in Madrid, the cold also slows down the download speed.

Cold is a great enemy

The main problems occurred on the highway ValenciaEspecially in the Tesla charging areas in Los Angeles Genet (A31), Honrubia And the Kanyavat Watchtower. It has three fast charging stations where drivers have struggled More than two hours Waiting to be able to “fuel your car”.

The cold forced many drivers to turn off the car's heater

According to the National Association of Auto and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC), some of these products are currently located in Spain 34,050 charging pointsof which about 8,900 are also not working flaw Or because they were not given directly high By the competent administration.

Slow chargers

Of those 25,000 that are still active, only 25% High SpeedThe rest is low power which means slow charging of approx three hours At best.

This means that there are currently some operations 6,200 points Fast charging in Spain, they are the ones used on the road, as no one wants to recharge any more 40 also fifty minutes. It's a clear network Insufficient for more than 165,000 km National Highway Network Road.

The problem with Spain's charging network is that it remains that way today minus. The average daily usage time for each charging point published is over hourwhich no one wants to assume it costs From this publication.

The government gives the floor to this initiative privateIn this case, car brands have made timid developments such as the Ionity network, which includes BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche; Excellent but with the price kilowatt Which goes beyond that Gasoline 98 In actual use.

Teslafrom her side 500 charging points In Spain, there are many of them on the main roads, which makes them one of the best travel options, but the problem is that people know them and are saturated with them.

Few and slow chargers

Others staff Such as Iberdrola, Endesa, Repsol, Wenea, Zunder, BP Pulse or Eranovum do their part too, but we insist that they are investments Millions of euros at any Extinguishing In many cases it remains to be seen.

Major operators Spain

  • Iberdrola: 6000 chargers
  • Endesa X Way: 5500 charger
  • Repsol: 1700 charger
  • Wenya: 1200 charger
  • Sonder: 585 magazine
  • Tesla: 500 chargers
  • Iranofoam: 445 chargers
  • Iberdrola Pulse BP: 329 Charger
  • Ionic: 114 charger

In this case bad weather Easter has been complicated for car owners electricity Less forward-thinking, a situation that must eventually be corrected 2026the date that Brussels Spain is forced to have a fast charging station every day 60 km From the road.

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