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Karol G: The girl from Medellin is now Woman of the Year |  People and lifestyle

Karol G: The girl from Medellin is now Woman of the Year | People and lifestyle

Carolina Geraldo Navarro celebrates her birthday in Mexico on February 14. The 33 will say goodbye to what has been their best year in the entertainment industry to date. The Colombian became the first Latin woman to reach first place in the world with a Spanish-language album, and among her achievements is her participation in… Griselda Blanco From Netflix, she became the first woman to win a Grammy Award in the Best Urban Music Album category and broke the record by being the artist with the most performances at Azteca Stadium; Within minutes, Karol G had sold out tickets to four of his shows in the most important stadiums in the country, and not just the Colosso di Santa Úrsula.

In 1996, when she was five years old, she became a singer Tomorrow will be beautiful He has already shown his passion for singing. With drums and a small family audience, they encouraged her to continue with the lyrics “What will I do, what will I do, what will I do if Eva Maria is gone,” the artist chanted as the impromptu song accompanied the music with her singing and enthusiastic hip movements. “Even on family nights, they would make me sing, and I always enjoyed all the parties,” Karol G says in an interview on the Colombian night variety show. I'm Jose Gabriel. Thanks to the encouragement of her father Guillermo Giraldo, also a musician, she was able to make her debut in the early years of her childhood.

Because of his insistence, Antioch also made its first public appearance in Reality show XS FactorAmerican adaptation Factor X Where Colombian kids competed to be the country's next talent. He was 14 years old when he participated and was just a few steps away from reaching the final. However, this flash of fame on television did not mean the launch of her career, although it led her to stand on stage in the presence of thousands of people, and she obtained a recording contract with Flamingo Récords in Colombia and Diamond Music. In Puerto Rico.

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Karol G at a presentation in Miami, in June 2016.Alexandre Tamargo (Getty Images)

Shortly after, Karol G stood next to famous Colombian broadcaster Jorge Baron Star display Making her debut on stage with a national television broadcast, “I've had the opportunity to sing in several parts but not with this very large audience,” Karol G declared with emotion that carried across the screen as her team of dancers and the chorus girls waited for the signal to begin the act.

Explains for youone of his first songs, was a hit for Daddy Yankee Burial night In a tone that was not his. People cheer enthusiastically while on stage their team chants “Left, Right!” non stop. The announcer gives him a “good luck” kiss, an omen of Pichota's success, though it took some time to arrive.

In 2010, he was still singing in his living room, with a backdrop reminiscent of any middle-class Latin American home, an inflated television, helium balloons that no longer flew, and a wooden door decorated with a sunflower star, la piechota. She decided to record herself in the hope that a celebrity would recognize her talent and launch her into fame.

“As they say, stories tell, Justin Bieber was seen singing in a YouTube video, [lo descubrió] Asher, the great singer. From there came his first contract and his career began. The singer said in his statements: “I wanted to try by all means. I tried recording videos on YouTube, but the truth is that nothing happened.” I'm Jose GabrielHe also admitted that his dream was to do a duet with Rihanna.

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Karol Gee studied at university in Antioquia, the heartland of music, for five years before forgetting her passion, but the lack of opportunities made her doubt her dream. She opened for Don Omar, provided backing vocals for Reykon for two years, but then decided she wanted to leave music for good and moved to the United States, where she learned English. However, an advertisement for a music course on the business side that she saw every day on her way to school made her remember her ambition and she returned to Colombia to continue her artistic career.

He met Rihanna during the 2023 Super Bowl and although they haven't collaborated together yet, they took photos and talked for over an hour on the day of the event. So far, the girl from Medellin, as Karol G is also known, has collaborated with talents such as Nicki Minaj, Daddy Yankee, DJ Tiesto, Shakira, Bad Bunny, Maluma, Romeo Santos, Kali Uchis, Beso Bluma, Sean Paul, Karla. Morrison or Anwell AA (his former partner), .

His success came with his release 301 with Raekwon in 2012, the first time they were heard on a national level. More than ten years later, Karol G is filling stadiums and venues of all kinds. Virtual lines that can be seen wherever she is, have made her one of the most famous singers today.

The Coloso de Santa Úrsula can accommodate more than 80,000 people and has three dates, and fans will be able to see La Bichota on February 10 in Mexico City, in addition to the dates that have just passed, February 8 and 9. It will be presented in Monterrey on February 16 and 17 at the Mobile Super Estadio and on February 24 in Jalisco, at the 3 Di Marzo UAG Stadium.

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Karol G with Taylor Swift, on February 4 at the Grammy Awards.John Shearer (Getty Images)

Only in 2023 did he reach the sales record on his US tour a trip Highest grossing Latin artist ever. In 2022, she herself broke that mark. Levi's Stadium in San Francisco gave it the record for the Latin show with the highest revenues, tickets sold, and attendance. While the Rose Bowl in Pasadena gave him the distinction of presenting the first Latin show with two sold-out shows with over 120,000 attendees during one weekend. According to Osissa, Mexico is the country where Karol G's voice is heard the most.

This year, she is waiting for her to receive the Woman of the Year 2024 award from Billboard magazine, which she will receive on March 6, to join the list of powerful women who have received it, including Madonna, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, or in addition to that, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica are waiting for her. Santo Domingo, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and her native Colombia, where she also sold tickets to her only concerts on April 5. And 6 at the Campin Stadium.

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