February 28, 2024

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They left us orphans of intense resistance

They left us orphans of intense resistance

Bullitt was the manufacturer of ultra-resistant smartphones sold by popular brands such as Motorola, Land Rover or CAT, especially the latter.

One CAT cell phone showed above average resistance

Stranger: Their cell phones resisted everything but Bullitt could not withstand the fierce competition Subordinate Smartphone industry. At first glance, this may seem like ordinary news to you, but the reality is that we are facing it The fall is more important than it seemsWell, if you don't know, it was the Bullitt group He was responsible for the most rugged and most resistant mobile phones on the marketThose sold under the same Land Rover, Motorola or CAT brands.

In fact, it is that British manufacturer It even tackled cellphones with antibacterial protection when we were in the middle of the pandemic, and its latest innovations included satellite calling to give more value to some. Devices aimed at hazardous jobs, outdoor activities and extreme sportsamong many other applications.

now We must say goodbye to them as they deserveJust like we did with other popular companies like LG, although there is no official confirmation of this Its history in the mobile phone market has ended. Yes we have notes published by various media such as Robot policehis compatriots Telegraph And even Mobile world lLiveSo His downfall can be taken for granted.

The market dictates judgment and with Bullitt it was no good

The truth is Their cell phones were very specialized This guarantees them unparalleled differentiation. Furthermore, Bullitt had a well-known and recognizable brand, Agreements with very strong companies And catalog with The most powerful smartphones For the Android platform and the market extensively, as there was no external competition.

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However, that reading They were unable to withstand the challenges of the insatiable market Which will eat any fish, no matter how important it is, as long as it is lost. In this case it appears that was a mistake Fierce competition that even came from Samsunga giant with much greater economic power and production muscle, has entered this sector with its Xcover like an elephant in a china shop.

It is no coincidence that the South Korean giant recently signed an agreement with Airbus to place 400,000 units of its ultra-resistant devices, and it is clear that In these numbers it was impossible for Paulette to move By pure logic.

Europe will have to say goodbye to one of the few remaining smartphone manufacturers on the Old Continent, while the choices among the most resistant mobile phones on the market will be significantly reduced… Let's hope someone picks up the baton!

Why the Bullitt Group shutdown should concern you: They're leaving us orphans of intense resistance

CAT cell phones are manufactured by Bullitt and selected to perform many “hazardous” jobs.

And the British company It had ambitious plans regarding 5G satellite communications While many of their mobile phones have been used in the armies of some countries due to their military resistance certificates, however Bullitt's previous agreement with the satellite company has gone to hell He took the entire company with him.

According to the sources, Bullitt has arrived in 2024 and is on the verge of collapseThis was last January 29 when the administration… It informed all its employees of the impending dismissal and closure of the company's operations.

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Hence the choices between powerful and powerful mobile phones are reduced Europe is also saying goodbye to one of the few smartphone manufacturers Which was still operating on the Old Continent… _If you want a cat, run, because the remaining stock will be liquidated in the coming weeks!

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