December 4, 2021

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Kathleen Kennedy would have ensured her continuity at Lucasfilm until at least 2024

Kathleen Kennedy You will continue to drive Lucas Film For several more years…or at least that’s what a new report claims.

While there is still no official announcement by the Executive or Lucasfilm, in a new article in his book website Reporter Matthew Belloni (via CBR) confirmed that Kennedy He recently renewed his contract for another three years. Thus he will still be responsible for privileges such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones And willow at least Until 2024.

Kathleen Kennedy took over the reins of Lucasfilm in 2012 and despite launching several projects during her tenure at the company, her mandate was not without complications, particularly in the related department star Wars. After all, like movies single They experienced changes in their team due to “creative differences” and in the same report that was to reveal their continuity in the company, Belloni asserts that swarm rogue The movie that Patty Jenkins is developing, will be its development slowed down because creative differences between manager amazing woman And some executives who responded to Kennedy.

Although Kennedy’s continuity at Lucasfilm has yet to be officially confirmed, based on this report, the CEO will continue to lead the company to launch projects such as the series willowAnd Indiana Jones 5 and some series star Wars for Disney Plus. However, due to the pause in development swarm rogueIt is not yet clear what will be the next movie in the space franchise.

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