December 4, 2021

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Restablecen servicios en áreas de salud de la ciudad de Camagüey

They restore services in the health districts of Camaguey City

Camaguey, November 16 (ACN) Los medical services back to Normal In the health districts of this city, the provincial capital, due to the low incidence of COVID-19 and the number of positive cases of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus recorded daily.

Community projection begins this week at the nine demarcation clinics by professionals in core specialties, such as cardiology, neurosurgery, urology and vascular surgery, according to Iluminada Menendez Placeres, M.D. Public Health In the municipality of Camaguey.

The method of access to counseling is by prescription and by shift, which can be obtained directly in the admission box and health care unit file, through the family doctor, or via a medical summary sent by the private correspondence office, as he recalled in a television appearance.

Similarly, seven of the nine comprehensive rehabilitation rooms have resumed operation, leaving only those belonging to the Tula Aguilera and Carlos J. The couple, del Joaquín de Agüero, and couples who have been in a stable relationship for a year and have not been able to get pregnant, can go, on the recommendation of the health district.

Another service being restored again is postpartum care and genetic counseling for babies aged three to six months, available at demarcation polyclinics.

Again, comprehensive consultations of general dentistry, periodontology and prosthetic dentistry are offered, while maxillofacial surgery will remain in hospitals and orthodontics will gradually begin, especially with those who have scheduled shifts and are in the admission process.

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In contrast, acute respiratory infection classification counseling and COVID-19 patients care services continue on a regular basis.

In this demarcation, the doctor of the municipality’s health director indicated that patients recovering from an infectious disease should be evaluated by a family doctor specialist and the nurses’ office, and those who attended with severe symptoms should go to specialized consultations located in the comprehensive clinics.

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To avoid a deterioration of the epidemiological situation, the population must maintain physical distances and comply with bio-safety measures in health institutions, in addition to being present on time, so that there are no crowds of people.

The five grandparents’ homes in the city also resume their activities, as well as the daily service of the homes for the elderly, for which the elderly in need are called to communicate with the social worker in their clinic to assess their integration into the center of this type.

According to Monday’s segment released by the Department of Public Health, the province has reported 64 new cases of COVID-19, and the municipalities with the highest reports on the day were Camaguey (15), Nuevitas and Guaimaro (11) and Florida. (10).