December 4, 2021

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El lanzamiento especial de Kecleon para Pokémon GO es confirmado por Niantic

Kecleon’s special launch for Pokémon GO has been confirmed by Niantic – Nintenderos

Interesting information regarding one of the most prominent titles in the mobile market is coming back to us. We are talking about Pokemon GO. This time, according to new comments from Niantic, it could be her debut before kisillion.

As you might remember, Season of Mischief introduced many Pokémon to the mobile game, and Hoopa got a special debut. It seems that when I finished Kecleon may be next. In an interview with Gfinity, Michael Steranka (Product Marketing Manager) Share:

Kecleon has special traits in the games of the main series that no other Pokemon share. Because of that, we really want to get it right in Pokémon GO when it’s time to launch. We’re working on it, and we want to make sure that when we’re ready, it’s a special edition that players can catch up on.

We remind you that Kecleon is a regular Pokemon type introduced in the third generation and that mischief season ends on December 1, which means that Kecleon will most likely appear in the game during December or early 2022. However, before the flight bells ring out, we remind you that, at the moment, there is no official confirmation. You will have no choice but to wait for more details.


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