August 14, 2022

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Kevin Feige had negotiated with Warner Bros to leave Marvel Studios and lead DC movies

Kevin Feige had negotiated with Warner Bros to leave Marvel Studios and lead DC movies

Although the phenomenon of films Marvel Studios is something that can be attributed to various factors, it is undeniable that part of the success of the so-called MCU has to do with Kevin Feige. After all, the producer and current president of Marvel Studios has been a key figure in building a cohesive universe that already contains more than twenty films and continues to add series.

In that sense, it’s still fascinating to imagine what the MCU would be like right now without Kevin Feige and while that sounds like a tough exercise given how much the producer has been involved in promoting the franchise’s newest projects, it appears that at one point it was possible.

in a report News (Across Character BookOn the recent restructuring of Warner Bros., the Warner Bros. Discovery plan for DC Entertainment was discussed and it was confirmed that the conglomerate He hasn’t made a decision yet On who will lead this division of the company with the task of taking charge of DC movies, comics, and series:

But this information is not new and what stands out in the Puck News report is that although it obviously wouldn’t be a viable option now, In the past, Kevin Feige had negotiated with Warner Bros. to leave Marvel Studios and lead the development of DC films.

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Although this report does not provide the dates, it is said that Feige “He spoke quite seriously with Warner a few years ago when he was trying to escape the oversight of then-Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter.”

Currently Feige is one of Disney’s most important CEOs, but that’s not always the case and two years ago, Mark Ruffalo guess That’s during filming by Avengers (2012 film) The producer suggested he might leave his position at Marvel because of his conflict with Perlmutter, why? According to information received at the time, the conflict boils down to the fact that while the current leader of the MCU wanted to get more diversity in the company’s films, the then CEO of Marvel Entertainment was not in favor of it.

Thus, while there is currently no deciphering the extent to which Feige’s conversations with Warner went and what they might have thought, this move is still equally interesting for what it could have represented for the Marvel and DC films. and background set against Warner Bros. Discovery’s current search for a DC Entertainment CEO.

After all, Puck News says that “Warner has reached out to Louis D’Esposito and other Feige key deputies in the past, with no luck” and it’s clear that whoever takes the job will have to contend with comparisons to Feige and the famous MCU.

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