July 1, 2022

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Solar flare alert that passes too close to Earth and generates a geomagnetic storm

Solar flare alert that passes too close to Earth and generates a geomagnetic storm

According to experts from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Sunday, June 5 and Monday, June 6, The solar flare is expected to approach the Earth’s magnetic field It causes a geomagnetic storm. In this context, the specialists evaluated the possible consequences that this phenomenon can cause.

In fact, meteorologists confirmed it On June 2, there was a volcanic eruption on the sun that sent a solar flare into space, known as Coronal mass ejection (CME). These waves are “massive emissions of plasma from the sun’s outer atmosphere, or corona, and can cause fluctuations in the electrical grid,” according to the report. European Space Agency (ESA).

“Yesterday, a magnetic strand erupted in the sun and threw a weak CME into space,” they explained from the organization. This should be explained Weak CME strikes can cause geomagnetic stormsso there is a possibility of minor storms.

The encouraging fact is that humans, in general, are protected from coronal mass ejections by the Earth’s magnetic field. And therefore, Experts explain that you will likely only see small fluctuations in the power grid Perhaps a slight deterioration in satellite communications.

A solar flare is expected to hit Earth next Sunday. credit: scientific

Migratory animals are affected in these and other high places; They added that auroras are generally visible at higher latitudes. however, The most serious consequences of solar flares cannot always be stopped.

According to space weather, solar storms that strike the Earth are classified according to their intensity. In fact, on the site studying spatial conditions, they indicate how to determine the scale. The thing that includes the latest meteorological phenomenon is G1, the lightest class. While A G5 storm is considered “severe”.

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according to him National Geographic Institute Spanish, “Geomagnetic storms are disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field, lasting from several hours to even a few days.. They noted that “their origin is external and results from a sudden increase in particles emitted from solar flares that reach the magnetosphere, which results in changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.”

Along the same lines, They have a global character and start simultaneously at all points on the earth. However, the amplitudes at which storms are observed in different places are different, being greater the higher the latitudes.

“The frequency with which they occur is related to periods of solar activity, from about 11 years and is known as the “solar cycle”. The number of sunspots allows us to measure solar activity at each moment,” they specify in the entity.

“The K-index is a geomagnetic index of semi-logarithmic type indicating perturbation of the geomagnetic field on a local level, taking into account the daily variability curve of a quiet day of the geomagnetic observatory in which it is measured, during periods of three hours. At the planetary level, the index is determined Kp, which is obtained by calculating the weighted average of the K indices observed in a network of geomagnetic observatories scattered all over the world.”