March 1, 2024

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Kings League 2024 Live: Round 4 Live

Kings League 2024 Live: Round 4 Live

Queens League Summary

Today's match was getting closer. Face The Trunks and Conitas for him Leadership. It seemed like Kunitas was about to walk again On the field with a new victory, because in… 10 and in the 12th minute the score was 2-0 On the scoreboard. The second half started with a tough task for Troncas to come back, but that didn't pose any problem. He managed to tie the match with two good goals, which made the match even more tense. The secret weapons were crucial In the match. Firstly Conitas with WildcardWhich was used as punishmenthe served for Blanca Kroos to put Conitas ahead on the scoreboard once again. Troncas scored two goals that were crucial because Chris Gonzalez managed to score during that time and put Troncas ahead. Troncas knew how to keep score in the final minutes, although there was a part that would have been easier for them to play for several minutes with another player when a Conitas player received a red card. The party that took the boxes and placed them as solo leaders.
The last match of the day was between… PIO and xBuyer Team. The Jupiter brothers came to the match dressed as cheerleaders in celebration of the carnival. he GameLike the whole day, it was all over again Very equal. The media office went ahead on the scoreboard, But within three minutes the xBuyer was back Match and Put two goals in front. Pubill manages to do the first From the xBuyer team Being a star player is a dual goalWhich means instant return. After this goal, Nuria Loeb scored the third goal for xBuyer, opening the scoring further. PIO wanted to respond with purpose On 31, But they were unable to complete the return, If it is The xBuyer team ended up winning Match 2-3.

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