April 22, 2024

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Kingston FURY Renegade, the brand’s fastest SSD with 7300MB/s

Kingston They just announced the fastest NVMe SSD to date, rebel rage, capable of achieving reading speeds of 7300 MB/sec.

Kingston FURY Renegade announced at 7300MB/s

Kingston is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of SSD flash drives, and is A 400 They are still sold like hot cakes as very functional and economical units. However, those who want ultra-fast storage are now being entered, with the announcement of the M.2 FURY Renegade SSD.

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units the rebel Take advantage of the interface PCIe 4.0 . slot It is managed by the powerful Phison E18 controller, which enables read speeds of up to 7300 MB / sec. In addition to this amazing speed of reading data, we can get a drive with a storage capacity of up to 4 TB.

rebel rage

“By maximizing the available bandwidth of PCIe 4.0, Kingston’s FURY Renegade SSD achieves speeds of up to 7300/7000MB/s read/write and up to 1,000,000 IOPS to deliver incredible consistency for an exceptional gaming experience. The drive is optimized to reduce load times for games and applications. Stream and capture images with ease, giving your system an overall responsive boost., Dice Kingston. Moreover, the company claims that Available in high capacities of up to 4TB, users can store a huge library of their favorite games and media and still have room for the latest titles.

rebel rage

Kingston This drive focuses on a multi-purpose SSD, which accelerates not only applications and games, but also design, video editing and streaming tasks.

Solid-state disks Kingston Fury Renegade is available in four capacities: 500 GB ($240 USD), 1 TB ($351), 2 TB (US$726) and 4 TB (1720 USD). You can see more information in next link.

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