January 17, 2022

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KOF XV |  The King of Fighters XV Open Beta Test: Everything we found out about the open beta before its official launch |  SNK |  video games |  nnda nnrt |  data

KOF XV | The King of Fighters XV Open Beta Test: Everything we found out about the open beta before its official launch | SNK | video games | nnda nnrt | data

The king of fighting games is back! Open beta available from , the latest part of its popular franchise which will have its official release date on February 17, 2022 for And And and PC via the default Windows 10 Store, y epic games.

With eight characters to choose from, three scenarios and several game modes both offline and online, KOF fans had the opportunity to experience classic 3-vs-3 matches (or 1-vs-1 if you’re one of those who prefer traditional games like Street Fighter) that This epic is so distinguished that it first appeared in arcades in the distant 1994.

What the open beta KOF XV brought us

As mentioned earlier, the player had the opportunity to access some of the available game modes: local versus training and offline tutorial; And casual games and indoor games in online mode for a long-awaited test Undo Netcodee, a trend that is set to become the standard in future games of the genre.

On the first day of the open beta, after dusting off my groups with available characters and learning about the new mechanics, I set out to test the online mode, but couldn’t find any unofficial games even though I was lucky enough to join a game in The room, where I found my quick training was in vain.

As in other popular fighting games that use this mode, indoor matches simulate the experience we used to have when we visited fichines and waited for our turn to play. An intriguing fact is that if you didn’t accept right away when it was your turn, your next place on the list took place and you had to wait longer to challenge the winner of the fight.

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Eight characters to start

Open beta of The fifteenth king of fighters You are allowed to choose only eight characters: Shawnee (Protagonist KOF XIV); Kyu KusanagiAnd Iori Yagami And Chizuru Kagura (who has appeared again since his last appearance in KOF 2003); ChrisAnd Yashiro Nanakase And Shermy (KOF sub-heads ’97); And the newcomer Dolores, all with moves and fighting styles that make them different from each other.

It should be noted that there will be a total of 52 characters that will make up a list KOF XV They will be divided into 17 teams of three with a single fighter. So far, 35 characters have already been announced (with Ángel being the latest) and so far, the identity of the four missing to complete the 39 we can choose from the start is unknown.

Of the remaining 13 characters, six are known to be released via DLC by SNK Over the next year as part of KOF XV Team Pass 1. The dates that Team Pass 2 (which will likely include the other seven) will be available are not yet known, but the Japanese developer is likely to make an announcement soon.

Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Chizuru Kagura, Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, Chris and Dolores were the characters available in the KOF XV open beta.  |  credit: SNK
Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Chizuru Kagura, Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, Chris and Dolores were the characters available in the KOF XV open beta. | credit: SNK

To learn to fight, you must first train

If you haven’t had a chance to play KOF or some fighting games in general, don’t worry the tutorial did an excellent job of guiding players to soak up the item mechanics as well as their new modes. Once done, we can jump into offline or online mode to test what we’ve learned.

What distinguishes it KOF XV than before now EX Special Moves Use half a bar of energy, both in standard mode and MAX . mode (which are usually activated for chain attacks of various kinds), which incidentally have undergone cosmetic changes to make the games more entertaining.

To eliminate our opponents in service, we not only had Super Special Moves and the Super Special Max Moves, but also with Super special moves climax They are nothing more than attacks with scenes that deal massive damage and can be performed in the middle or at the end of a combo.

For example, if you activate it while the combo is running, it is known as fast mode and has some kind of slowdown effect; However, this will now cost you two energy rods instead of one as before, although refilling them isn’t difficult if you only focus on attacking.

How good or bad is the Netcode Rollback KOF XV code?

when SNK announce it The fifteenth king of fighters we will use Undo Netcode In its online mode, most fighting game fans saw it as a positive as this new system what it does is that the encounters are more accurate and avoid the lag caused by latency.

However, as I mentioned earlier, on the first day of the open beta of KOF XV I couldn’t find any casual games and had to settle for indoor games where players can create or join spaces with other players for epic online battles based on a turn based system.

In the battles I’ve had, I’ve been able to notice that, under each character’s life energy bar, you can see undo boxes which generally swing between 0 to 5, making the experience change at the most crucial moments in the encounters. It also does not show an indicator if your opponent is connecting via WiFi or wired connection.

Although it was an open beta, SNK It will use the information obtained from players during that period to make relevant changes before the game goes on sale. I didn’t get the chance to test the game with arcade sticks, so I only made use of DualShock 4’s powerful controller PS4 (In fact, it wasn’t that bad.)


My main conclusion about what it was like to run the open beta of KOF XV It’s as if I’m in front of an improved version of , but this allows you to do more in combat. Its new friendly mechanics for both casual and accelerated players for the more experienced is definitely a plus.

There is nothing wrong with using the available resources that are on hand to build something much better and in this case, SNK verb with KOF XV What I wanted to do at the time with its predecessor, which by the way is an entertaining fighting game but is distinguished by its unpolished graphics and a very erratic online mode.

While I’m aware of the characters available during the trial period, I had to test out some characters I wouldn’t normally play with (like Yashiro Nanakase or a newcomer DoloresThis was the incentive to get out of my comfort zone and pick the three fighters as well, as well as the order in which they would jump on the battlefield.

while the XIV KOF It is a good fighting game with unpolished graphics and bad network code; However, it The The fifteenth king of fighters Using this game as a base is a clear example that reusing available resources is not a bad thing. Briefly, SNK did with this What they wish they had done with their predecessor at that time.

Regardless of the concerns about the stability of the online situation, one cannot help but feel optimistic SNK will deliver February 17 2022 one of the games King warriors The most polished in its long history which we hope will regain lost ground while absent from the world of fighting games.