June 23, 2024

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La Pobla pide a Salud Pública que fumiguen por vía aérea contra la mosquitos

La Pobla requires public health to spray with air against mosquitoes

Helicopter used to spray in Castelo by Diputació.

La Pobla de Farnals has asked public health to carry out aerial spraying to reduce the mosquito epidemic. A petition responding to multiple complaints from residents of the town of Lorta Nord about the spread of bites by this insect during the month of September.

As explained by the mayor of La Pobla, Enrique Palanca (PSPV) on his Facebook account, the city council spends 11,200 euros annually on the disposal, disinfection and disinfection of mosquitoes, with the Regional Council subsidizing 1,200 euros in its plan to combat the tiger mosquito.

However, due to the spread of mosquitoes, the council and others in the area decided to take a step forward and submit a request to the relevant authorities. In this case, the council addressed a letter to the Ministry of Public Health stating that “due to the problems experienced by the La Pobla de Farnals beach area, adjacent to the cauldron lands due to the infestation of mosquitoes due to the spread of mosquitoes. Recent rains and high temperatures have led to many complaints in the neighborhoods, In spite of the fact that both ordinary and extraordinary treatments are carried out from Town Hall and knowing that air treatments have been carried out by Castillo County Council in nine bogs with flights by helicopter, we ask that measures be taken along the same lines to make the control of the presence of mosquitoes more effective.” .