July 1, 2022

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La Rioja selected for Mars colonization experiments

La Rioja selected for Mars colonization experiments

nature garden Colorados from province Rioja The scenario chosen for the development of the scientific tests was described in Solar Project 54designed for breeding in territorial conditions similar to those of the Red Planet.

In this way, organizations interested in space exploration can Send teams of scientists, astronauts and engineers To this space training base It will replicate conditions similar to those on Mars.

NASA has confirmed the existence of more than 5,000 planets outside the solar system

The initiative was presented in DC . Satellitethe international trade fair for the aerospace industry held in Washington, DC

The site consists of six domes:

  • one for vegetable production in hydroponic system;
  • Another to develop nanosatellites;
  • Three of them are used for housing, cooking and recreation for the “crews”;
  • The central dome will be used as a ground station for satellite communications and mission control.

La Rioja will be the first base in Latin America and the eleventh in the world

Sponsored by the Government of La Rioja, solar 54 It is a project involving FANIoT, a company focusing its developments on Internet of Things technology, sustainable mobility through its Hamel Bot business unit, as well as virtual reality environments under the name FANLabs. It has recently opened its space access area, called FANSat.

Eileen EbeniDirector of Innovation at FANIoT, is developing the Solar54 project with La Rioja’s Secretary of Science and Technology, responsible for Hugo Vera.

Speaking to Telam, Ebene immersed himself in Project Scope: “La Rioja is a province with historical links to the national aviation industry through the Chamical Base and Solar 54 as part of a plan that seeks Revitalizing this sector of the economy and re-positioning the country As a supplier of space-related products and services.”

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“Environments most similar to the surface of Mars”

The Director of Innovation at FANIoT explained to Telam that “Los Colorados Provincial Park” is one of the most Martian-like environments in the world, and this aspect plays a special role because it provides The perfect environment for simulation; Solar54 is being carried out in close coordination with the community that lives there and a set of environmental impact studies so as not to negatively impact the environment.”

red planet

The specialist argued that Solar54 “is a project very innovative In terms of construction, each dome is built using pentagons and hexagons that fit together, making the development of the structure more efficient and reducing turnaround times.”

To install the domes it was necessary to develop “An automated system that collects soil from the Red PlanetHe mixes it with vegetable oils and, using high pressure, forms the pieces that are later assembled by another robot.” Eileen Ebene.

In the future, the goal is to “replicate the Solar54 . model.” In other parts of the world To work together in all activities aimed at colonizing Mars,” concluded Ebeni.


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