June 20, 2024

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Latin American publishers gather at Filven 2023 in Venezuela (+photo)

Latin American publishers gather at Filven 2023 in Venezuela (+photo)

The event will continue until tomorrow in El Laguito del Círculo Militar, west of the capital, and its purpose is to analyze the reality of the publishing field in Latin America and design new strategies.

On the first day, the participants talked about reading in the youth sector, the common points that unite them more than their differences, and how to design strategies that contribute to solving the problems that exist today in the region.

The Deputy Minister of Development of the Venezuelan Cultural Economy and Head of the National Book Center, Raul Casal, addressed the issue of reading among young people and considered it a “presumption” that they do not read, which prompted editors to analyze what some are saying. Consider it a difficulty.

He argues that books are likely to be produced for people who are not interested in reading, leading to the failure of some plans to encourage reading.

Cazal commented on the influence of the wonderful epic novels of the British writer JK Rowling, which he said “made all the boys read” and many of them began reading with this literature.

The Uruguayan intellectual touched on the issue of digital books and stressed that they do not compete with paper books, but rather work to promote them. He suggested in the meeting that the negative and positive experiences of the current world of publishing be brought together.

“If we don’t have readers, we won’t have writers,” the deputy minister said, according to a press release.

The director of Mirabilia Libros Publishing House and the Colombian Chamber of Independent Publishing, which includes 76 publishers, realized that “our commonalities are greater than our differences,” and convinced everyone to help each other solve common problems throughout Latin America.

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Also on Friday, the conversation “A New Story of the Nation is Possible” took place in El Laguito, in which the Minister of Culture of Venezuela, Ernesto Villegas, and the President of Culture, Arts and Knowledge of Colombia, Juan David, participated. Korea.

Colombian academic and writer Wilder Guerra also participated.

Filven 2023 will continue until November 19 with a wide editorial proposal and the celebration of more than 600 activities promoting books, reading and cultural activities.