July 5, 2022

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League of Legends: Liquidation of Nilah, the next champion

League of Legends: Liquidation of Nilah, the next champion

Yesterday, we announced to you: An important leak about getting itThe next hero to reach league of legends. Although her name and design are not official yet, data miners From the Riot Games MOBA community Keep developing content So interesting to this character, that we now bring you this news Possible leaked skill set Niles.

These will be Nila’s abilities that have already been refined

The responsible for bringing us This new and important leak about his being used again Big Bad Bear on YouTube, who previously shared the character’s design a few hours ago. Although of course what we will tell you next It’s not official There is no solid basis for believing in it on the surface, it is very likely That some (if not all) of these abilities are ultimately personal or end up being too similar to describing a character. leaker.

Do not forget Nilah pretending to be some kind of Yasuobut work in bot laner melee bot laner. For now, we have to content ourselves with just a text description of its capabilities, as there are no gameplay or images to accompany this leak.

this will be skill sets Already leaked from his Nile:

  • negative: iridescent inertia: The scaling of Nilah’s basic attack speed is pretty low, but it increases with each hit up to 6 stacks. All extra attack speed above its cap is converted into extra effect damage.
  • s: pearl slash: Nilah runs a short distance toward the target before enabling her next attack with a double hit. This damages enemies nearby in an arc. After a short period of time, the second hit hits all the enemies it hits, then damages them. This damage increases based on the number of unique enemy heroes.
    • Q Negative: When the ability is used, the next three attacks to take it deal extra damage. The third attack’s extra damage is doubled and recovers 50% of his Q ability cooldown.
  • W: Tide Bobble: Nilah shoots a ball of water towards the target. When hitting an enemy or terrain, it explodes, damaging enemies, slowing them down and creating a cloud of slow fog that spreads around all enemies and terrain hit by the initial blast. It lasts up to 10 seconds, but dissipates 4 seconds after the first Allied Champion enters its limits. The enemies cannot attack the heroes inside the fog.
  • And the: hesitant friendship: Nila extends her whip in the direction of the target, attaching herself to the first hit of the enemy for up to 4 seconds.
    • First activation: Nayla orders her whip to extend from the position of the tied enemy in the direction of the target. If you hit another enemy or part of the terrain, a second rope forms between the two targets, giving the player a second team.
    • Second activation: Reuses the ability to group targets strung together, damaging and slowing all enemies that pass through. If both enemies are heroes, they will be stunned upon collision. The pressure also causes Nelah to lunge at the first bound enemy.
  • a: Ocean Promise: Nayla directs her power and creates a circular arena in the target area for 7 seconds or until it goes out of bounds. In this case, his Nile can attack anything inside the ring regardless of range. Enemies trying to exit the arena will be pushed back (it can only happen once per enemy). When he’s inside the ring, she gains extra movement speed and ignores unit collisions.

As usual, We recommend taking all this information with tweezers. We’ll have to wait for Riot Games to share more official details of the character.

league of legends She is popular MOBA From Riot Games found Completely free for PC playersIf you are interested in learning more about it, you can read on Analytics And if you want to enter his world with the right foot, feel free to visit ours Tips and tricks guide.

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