July 1, 2022

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Why are spiders not insects?

Why are spiders not insects?

Although it is usually talked about as if it were any other insect, the truth is that spiders They do not belong to the same species as cockroaches, bees or ants. Let’s find out below Why are spiders not considered insects?but they actually belong to a species of their own that you know for sure: the type of spiders.

Why are spiders not insects?

The spiders Arthropods (Like the scorpions ), animals of the taxon class belongs to the family Arthropods which category Insects also belong, but with completely different characteristics.

Differences between spiders and insects

In fact, Spiders have a body divided into only two parts, with the head and thorax “Fused” well, those set different areas of the body. In particular, the anterior part is formed by this fusion of the head and thorax, forming the cephalothorax region, while the posterior part preserves the corresponding regions of the abdomen.

Also, spiders have Four pairs of legs (at least in adult form). These legs are almost always specially longTo cover a very large area.

Insects, on the other hand, Not only Their bodies are divided into several parts (or “walls”), but they usually only have three pairs of legs and are also usually not half the length of spiders’ legs.

Spiders also have many eyes (usually six to eight) and have no antennae, which are very common among insects. In fact, these appendages (along with the wings) are something an insect would not normally lack but which you would never see in spiders.

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secondly, Insects have a lower jaw apparatus, while spiders do not. DrIn fact, spiders have evolved two types of claws of appendages that arise from the first pair of legs. They are organized into a core and a terminal part shaped like a tusk or claw, and have a related importance in nutrition.

In this way, in addition to having a mechanical function (crunching, assimilating) as they are assisted by the walkers (second pair of legs), they also They have the function of excreting toxic substances.

Finally, we cannot end this article without citing But the most unusual feature of most spiders is the production of silk with fabrics . If in reality finding a spider among these is quite simple, then the same does not happen with insects. Unless they end up becoming spider food specifically.