August 17, 2022

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LeBron James

LeBron throws his team on the back to win softly

LeBron James just wants some calm. Like most of the Lakers crowd raging. So, since they don’t get together, he saw it was time to strike that blow on the table that scares him that makes his teammates fly and scares the opponents. At least in theory; The practice began at the local wing against the Trail Blazers, a completely dysfunctional team that was a test for King Akron to see if he should start the new trail now.. The clock counts the hours and days, games end in limbo, and the road to the qualifying rounds for the title won’t be a bed of roses for the Angelenos, so at some point the next generation player had to leave who had dominated the NBA With an iron fist.

For Portland, the day it was announced that Chauncey Billups would get his brother as assistant coach a copy of the back-up to see if the two would straighten out the team’s trajectory, was a lost night. Not only the game itself to the score (139-106), but for being another evening they show they don’t show anything.

LeBron James started the season, like last season, at a slower pace than when he was the engine of the NBA, a few years ago. His team did not provide the necessary remedy for this strategy to be valid, giving a horrific picture of it only with stalemate victories that saved the team from something worse, and should take a step forward at any time.. Davis is still unable to play and the team is recovering, like Frank Vogel himself on the last day of the year, with a dropper for what has been a worrisome streak: entering this game, six defeats in the last seven games. A moment to see a mega star take off against a rival that never stops getting lost.

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43 points and 14 rebounds, with 5/10 in threes and only 13 fouls on 45 shots total, in less than half an hour of play they gave the measure. He was the strongest Bronn even though he turned 37 two days ago, we’ll see how well he can express himself.