January 19, 2022

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From what age are we considered old?

From what age are we considered old?

They say that a person is young as long as he feels young. But there are also people who have reached a point in their lives where they are youths He begins to gain weight and can no longer keep up with the rhythm of past years.

When this critical history presents itself to us, it is when we realize that we are getting older and begin to act like an older person: we are officially entering old age. And we’re not referring to that common network joke that begins with: “One day you’re young, the next…”.

When we assume that we are facing the final extension

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Unlike the popular crisis of the 1940s and ’50s, when many started running or buying a bike in an ineffective attempt to combat the passage of time, when the ’70s or ’70s approach the frontier line that gives us a welcome for the elderly.

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However, middle-aged people who may be reading this article should not suffer. There is no crisis of the 1970s as such, judging by what the experts of the Geriatric Psychology Group say of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia Maria Luisa Lozano and Juana del Olmo.

“It doesn’t happen. There is no crisis like that of the 1940s in which you see you ‘stop being young’,” Lozano points out. rac 1. “A person perceives that he is gradually getting old. It is something that comes gradually and in a healthy mind it is taken as a normal thing of age.”

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There is no crisis like the 40s in which you see that you “stop getting small”

Maria Luisa LozanoPsychologist of the Geriatric Psychology Team of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia

Psychologists explain that there is a false association between aging and deterioration, when it is not needed. There may be people who are getting old due to supervisory diseases, but there are also other people who are getting old and very healthy.

“There is a widespread notion that getting old is synonymous with dependency, being a hindrance or being unhelpful,” explains Montse Celdran, professor of psychology at the University of Barcelona. That is why it is so difficult for a person to realize that they are older and nothing is happening.

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Celdrán puts on the table the division between old people who were satisfied with the way they lived their lives and those who believed they did not make the most of it. “If you have this integrative idea, you will feel better about yourself, less fear of death… But if you do not know how to integrate well, despair sets in and you try to make up for lost time, perhaps as a consequence of near death. Then anxiety enters them to leave closed topics” .

“I’m retired”


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Although it is true that one cannot speak of a specific age at which one goes from maturity to old age, it is true that the World Health Organization considers an elderly person to be a person between 60 and 74 years of age, from 74 and during the eighties you are old and from 90 Entering an advanced age. Categories that are completely outdated which may require a more modern revision.

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“Everyone feels old at a different age. Some 55-year-olds may feel old due to their circumstances, while there are people over 80 who feel very young and active,” adds Lozano. “Feeling old is completely subjective.”

Feeling old is completely subjective.”

Maria Luisa LozanoPsychologist of the Geriatric Psychology Team of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia

But there may be a time in life, like retirement, when you may feel like the system is pulling you away from a productive life. They consider you old. In this case, there are people who can become depressed

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“More than just a crisis due to feeling old, a crisis can be triggered by a sudden change in the rhythm of life, activities or social value,” commented experts from COPC. “It is as if you are removing the sense of life. But a mentally healthy person accepts that the body is changing and realizes that there are losses…but there are also gains.”

Advantages of aging

Retirees sunbathing in the Karapanchel district

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Obviously, getting older means losing both physical and mental abilities, depending on how you take care of yourself throughout your life. But there are also a series of advantages and scenarios that we do not notice until reaching the last stage of life.

Externally marked obligations disappear and free time is restored. Depending on the economic situation in which a person is left, he will occupy time in some activity or other. “You just have to go to a nursing home to see how dynamic they are and how many things they do,” Lozano asserts.

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Aging is still a reflection of how you live.”

Maria Luisa LozanoPsychologist of the Geriatric Psychology Team of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia

Experience and regulate one’s emotions more. An older person is not as impulsive as a young one, he has a greater ability to organize himself and knows better what interests him. “We have a more perspective on things and sometimes we try not to exaggerate or make a show like a teenager because of something that happened to him in life,” reasons Montse Celderan.

We look at the positive side of things more than the negative side, especially in terms of relationships with people.

In conclusion, Maria Luisa Lozano explains that “Aging is still a reflection of how you live. If you are someone who did not develop friendships when you were young and did not engage in activities of any kind, then when you get older and stop working, you will not know what to do with your time. On the other hand, A person who went to museums and went out with his friends would probably continue to do so, happily more because he would have no obligation after that.”