August 7, 2022

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Elon Musk attacks Zuckerberg’s metaverse and thinks Neuralink will be better

Since it was announced a few months ago, metaverse By Mark Zuckerberg generated a wave of expectations in the world of technology, as well as encouraged other companies in the sector to develop projects framed in this concept.

However, not everyone seems to like the vision proposed by Mark Zuckerberg. One of them was Elon Musk, which was launched through an interview shown on a digital medium Unexaggerated opinions about metaverses.

Among the comments made by Elon Musk in the interview were:

«Surely you can put a TV on your nose […] I’m not sure that makes you feel like you’re in Metaverse».

In addition, Musk expressed his attraction to the idea of ​​”Tie the damn screen to your face all day and you never want to go out »

The businessman also noted the following:

«It’s embarrassing to have this thing tied around your head all the time. […] I guess we’re far from disappearing into metaverses».

After these controversial statements, Musk suggested an alternative that he considered “much better”: implementation Implantation of a chip in the brain Through a surgical procedure all of this will be performed under Neuralink, the computer interface and brain company he co-founded.

Also, Musk was skeptical about it Web3, the project that will provide users with access Internet under blockchain technology, which is considered a simple marketing strategy and is not actually applicable.

However, Musk did not completely condemn the idea of ​​​​Metaverse. He believes there is a risk that what is currently being developed is not good enough to deliver a compelling metaverse experience.

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However, the opinions expressed by Musk are not conclusive as to the potential that Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse project could have, so while there is no guarantee that it will take off as a reality over the long term in our lifetimes, there is I don’t think it will be a fiasco.