April 22, 2024

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Life by You is The Sims’ number one serious competitor…and with it, veteran Maxi

Life by You is The Sims’ number one serious competitor…and with it, veteran Maxi

life by you It was announced at a publisher’s gaming event Interactive paradox…and a curious Sims fan. For decades, The Sims was almost the only one of its kind.

Yes, there have been many life simulation games, but they all distanced themselves aesthetically or thematically from The Sims, one of EA’s biggest oil wells. But Life by You enters right into its own territory: all you have to do is watch the trailer…

Apenas hay cinco planos en el teaser of 52 segundos, pero esta claro que apuestan por lo mismo que Los Sims: construirse una casa unifamiliar en un coqueto barrio de alta y vivir una segunda vida, relacionarse with otros Sims, tener hijos, ir a the beach…


Life by You – First Trailer

Everything we know about Life by You, will it be a problem for The Sims?

The most important fact about Life by You is that the development team (The tectonic paradox) led by Rod Humble, the former Sims Producer who worked on expansions for The Sims 2 and then The Sims 3.

In 2019, he teamed up with Paradox to create this game, which debuts today, albeit with a bit of information: March 20th There will be a presentation entirely dedicated to Life by You.

currently There is no release date for Life by Youbut if they have been working on it since 2019, then surely its launch is closer than Renee Project… This is what’s new from Maxis, what will be The Sims 5.

Maxis and EA plan the Rene project as a reinvention of the franchise for new times. This means that they will definitely go for the game as a service format, which is the path they actually paved when they made The Sims 4 free to play on all platforms.

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While fans have been clamoring for The Sims 5 for years (and its equivalent, Project Rene, is still years away) The Sims 4 continues to get things new with cosmetic packs, big expansions, and free updates with new customization options (all increasingly inclusive). And body positive).