June 25, 2022

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List of Huawei phones that will be updated in the coming months

List of Huawei phones that will be updated in the coming months

We give you a list with Huawei phones that will be updated to EMUI 12 in SpainBeside The dates when they will do it. EMUI 12 It is the next version of Huawei’s personalization layer for its mobile phones, which includes a new interface design, many performance improvements and new features.

Mobile phones that will be updated to this new version can be divided into three groups. In the first place we will have the mobile phones for which the update is already available, and after that, those that are in the process of updating, namely those that you will receive in the next month. Finally, we will have the mobiles that will be updated from April. Total, There are 14 models that will receive the update in SpainAnd we bring them to you in these lists.

Huawei phones updating to EMUI 12 in Spain

Next, we present to you the current list that we can see Which Huawei phones will update to EMUI 12 in Spain over the next few months. In the name of each model, we will include a link to analyze the device.

Cell phones with updates already available

Mobile phones that will receive updates soon

Mobiles that will be updated from April

What’s new in EMUI 12


One of the important things EMUI 12 News It is in your appearance. We don’t find a drastic change, but it’s another step in mastering the simple aspect that EMUI already uses. For this, it offers Greater sense of depth in its facadeThe animations are revamped to give them a design inspired by gravity and magnetism.

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also added New control panel Through it you will be able to find many central controls. For example, you will see quick settings, playback controls, or access to devices that you have linked to the mobile phone.

Job also added device +with what Interact with compatible devices you connect to. This will allow you, for example, to connect to the Huawei Matepad and make calls from it, share the screen, connect and control headphones, or watch videos on the TV. In the case of MateBooks, your mobile phone will connect and act as another storage unit without cables, improving interoperability in its ecosystem.

MeeTime, the in-house EMUI video calling app, has been improved. Now, you will be able to divert calls from the mobile phone to a compatible TV. And as usual with every new OS version or customization layer, Huawei ensures that too improves performance of EMUI 12 compared to its predecessors.

And there are security improvements, too, with options like unlocking your phone from your laptop with a password before you start connecting them together, or using the watch as a device that adds an extra layer of protection.