December 3, 2021

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Logical riddle: yesterday I was 16 years old and next year I will be 17 years old, what day and month was I born?

Logical riddle: yesterday I was 16 years old and next year I will be 17 years old, what day and month was I born?

How are you with numbers? In this visual challenge A large number of users of social networks ran into each other, who could not find the right answer on time. Only 1% managed to solve this problem puzzle logic.

Test your ability! This is the problem that you will have to solve: “Yesterday I was 16 and next year I will be 17. If my birthday is tomorrow. What day and month were I born?” andBecause it is not easy to solve, We’ll give you 30 seconds to find the answer shout out. Alternatives include:

a) February 28

b) March 1

c) February 29

d) January 1

e) December 31

One of the tips we can give you is to have a paper and a pencil on hand so that you can take all the notes you want, in this way, you will keep the data in order and it will be easier to develop. You can also use your cell phone’s notebook for annotations.

Are you having trouble solving this logic puzzle? do not worry. If this is the first time you solve this kind of challenge or you can’t find the answer in 30 seconds then you will find the below lines step by step to give a solution to this case. Don’t throw in the towel and try it!

If you solved it in less than the specified time, congratulations! Challenge your friends and family to see who ranks first as the champion of math challenges.

Solve the viral challenge

We will follow the instructions given by Professor AlexZ to solve this mathematical thinking exercise. Pay close attention to details.

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Yesterday: “I was 16 years old”

Today: “I was 16” (I’m still the same age)

Tomorrow: “If it was my birthday, I’d be 17”

As the exercise tells us that “next year” will come to life, it means that there is a division, so there will be a change in the year. Be careful with this information!

Following the same reasoning, it is understood that “today” is the last day of the year, December 31. It also specifies that “If my birthday is tomorrow. What day and month were you born?

If it is the last day of the year and your birthday is the next day, It means that you are 17 years old on January 1st.

What are logical puzzles?

We can define it as a kind of hobby or game, which consists in finding a solution to riddles or finding the hidden meaning of a phrase, only by following the path of our intuition and reasoning, and not by having extensive knowledge of a subject in a specific.

Where does Pablo live in the country? Solve this logic game

know the problem, You should know where Pablo lives. To increase the tension, we will give you a specific time to find the correct answer. You will only have 10 seconds to do this and explain why it is the right thing to do. If you can’t get it in time, don’t worry, Click here to see the solution!

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