July 14, 2024

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Long-legged dinosaurs may be key to understanding how these animals turned into birds

Long-legged dinosaurs may be key to understanding how these animals turned into birds

Dinosaurs with long legs and feathers could hold the key to unlocking the evolutionary process of birds.

Fujianvenator prodigiosus remains scanned with software where they were found / People’s Daily, China

Dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago. But they did not disappear completely and left their replacements on Earth: birds. Recent findings and studies have revealed that many dinosaurs had feathers, including Velociraptor. It is now known that these feathered animals are essential to understanding how they transformed from reptiles to flying birds.

In a recent study I published and collected Bubsy It is noteworthy that a new type of dinosaur is… FujianVinator MiracleThe size of a cyclist It could provide keys to understanding how these creatures turned into birds. Because yes, chickens, pigeons, ostriches, and other birds trace their origins back to the awesome dinosaurs of the Mesozoic era.

This dinosaur was half bird and half reptile

Back to our little one com. fujianvenator, This animal lived on planet Earth about 150 million years ago. That is, we are talking about a dinosaur that lived between the late Middle Jurassic period and the early Cretaceous period, which is the era in which animals such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops appeared.

Research work conducted after the remains of Fujianvenator were found determines that this animal They are halfway between dinosaurs Like Velociraptor And birds As we understand them today. It can be said that it is part of that species that bears the mysterious name “missing link”.

Why is he like this? Because of its muscular and bone structure. Overall, its anatomical design shows a dinosaur whose upper limbs evolved to propel itself and make short and long flights. The lower limbs are usually saurianWith claws to catch its prey and the ability to run.

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he FujianVinator Miracle And it’s not the only flying dinosaur that finds itself in this situation. This type of animal experienced an expansion during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Hence the case of Microraptor, a relative of Velociraptor. This one had four wings and inhabited the Earth 125 million years ago.

Year after year Paleontologists have discovered new species of dinosaurs Which creates a broader horizon in knowing these hidden beings. Not long ago it was discovered that our mammalian ancestors hunted these animals. All thanks, as in the case of FujiVinator, for the discovery The fossils are in very good condition.

In conclusion This is possible:

  • A. was found A new pheasant-sized dinosaur Ancestors of modern birds.
  • He had wings, but also Long legs For running.
  • It was a carnivorous animal that lived in swamps Early Cretaceous period.