May 23, 2022

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Lost Ark will fix Tytalos raid issues soon

Lost Ark will fix Tytalos raid issues soon

If all goes according to plan, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games will release a new overhaul for the main game, MMO Lost Ark. The Guardian of Tytalos raid, one of the content released with the March update, is not working properly, players themselves report. The study realized the problem He is already immersed in the development of the patch. In addition, expect compensation for all those who have lost their progress.

“We are aware of an issue with the Tytalos Guardian Raid, which makes defeating the boss in a timely manner very difficult for players with the gear level required to get into the confrontation, hindering their progress in the game,” the official website explained. So, they are working with the studio on the patch They hope to launch on Monday, March 14. We will update the news as soon as it is announced that it is already available.

Compensation is on the table

In the meantime, they suggest avoiding Guardian of Tytalos’ raid “so we don’t waste time and resources in a confrontation It does not work properly In the moment.” Regarding compensation, the developers hinted that those who lost progress would receive some kind of bonus, though It will provide more information When they have specific details.

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Lost Ark is a video game for PC (Steam) that runs under the model Free to play, that is, it can be downloaded and played for free, although it includes microtransactions. Recently, Celebrate the team That address already It has more than 20 million players, a number that has grown significantly thanks to its introduction in the western market. Until that time, Smilegate had operated in South Korea.

The content of the Western version is not yet comparable with the original, so it will continue to be expanded regularly with new additions.

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