April 13, 2024

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Low turnout at the polls in El Salvador

Low turnout at the polls in El Salvador

At approximately 09:00 (local time), Ulloa appeared at the Motocross Street voting center in the capital, accompanied by his family and neighbors, where he exercised his right to vote.

In brief statements to the media, he touched on the issue of the constitutional reform that he ordered in 2020, the results of which are now in the hands of President Najib Bukele, he said, in addition to highlighting the importance of the population heading to vote upon observation. That at that time of that day there was little flow of voters.

Ulloa stressed the importance of voting for the 20 MPs given that the government pays special attention to regional integration, which highlights, among other projects, the Treviño Plan that integrates the border municipalities of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, by supporting agriculture. Infrastructure and environmental preservation.

While the elections were being held, media reports indicate that people from other regions belonging to the New Ideas Party impersonated the chairpersons of the JRVs at the Albert Einstein University, in Antiguo Cuscatlán.

The disputes took place in the early hours of Sunday at the Albert Einstein University, in the municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlán, where the city's mayor, Milagro Navas (Arena), and the Minister of Housing, Michelle Sol, are competing for the position of mayor of La Libertad Este.

The electoral law indicates that guards, owners and substitutes in Jordan River vehicles “must be registered in the electoral register of the relevant municipality in which they perform their functions as such, which they will verify with their unique identity document,” according to the complainants.

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Later, the Director of Logistics at the Supreme Electoral Court, Rafael Umanzor, reported that some political institutes do not want to abide by Articles 123, 124 and 125 of the Electoral Code that require this, in order to exercise their functions of receiving votes. “They have to appear on the electoral register of the municipality in which they are appointed.”

In video clips published by the media, it appeared that Franklin Nolasco, director of the Legislative Assembly, supervised the formation of a polling station, and Gabriel Garcia, advisor to Assembly President Ernesto Castro, was present in another voting center. . .

Regarding these elections, Oscar Picardo, director of public opinion research at the Francisco Gavidia University, estimated that “in general, the elections seem to be a practical matter, and no major changes are expected.”