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Luis Diaz gives Colombia a historic win over Brazil and his father almost faints while celebrating

Luis Diaz gives Colombia a historic win over Brazil and his father almost faints while celebrating

toBefore starting the game It was known that Colombia had never beaten Brazil in the history of qualifying, and in the atmosphere of the “Tricolor” there was talk of taking advantage of the losses. Five-time world champions to be able to get the three points. The Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla was full and apart from the sporting atmosphere, there was also a lot of emotion to be honored. Luis Diaz And his family.

This was the first time that the Colombian public was able to directly and directly express to “Lucho” the love and affection for what happened with his parents and Kidnapping committed by the National Liberation Army (ELN). Ms. Celine Marulanda, who was released a few hours later, and Don Luis Manuel Díaz, who spent 13 days deprived of his freedom in La Guajira.

Well, from the hours before the match, in the stands of the Barranquilla Theater, They made the Diaz-Marulanda family feel lovedBut no one imagined that the Guajero would bring joy to the entire country and issue two cries for freedom that went down in the history of world football. next to, Nestor’s side left Lorenzo at the top of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The first half was against and suffering

In the first minutes, it did not seem that Brazil was able to play this match with a squad that included this many players Victims like Ederson Moraes, Carlos Casemiro, Neymar Jr., Gabriel Jesus, and others. In 4 minutes they not only delivered on two occasions, but also took the lead on the scoreboard through collective play and an assist from Vinicius Junior, which resulted in Gabriel Martinelli delivering a powerful blow to the Colombians.

Minutes passed and “la Verdeamarela” continued to dance to the tune of “la Tricolor”, she could not see where and James Rodriguez was far from physically competitive against speedy opponents, while Rafael Santos Borre redoubled his efforts to cover the number 10.But he was staying away from the area. Only Luis Díaz, with his amazing rebellion and the desire of the Guajero people that he represented, was able to lift Colombia.

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Between the 15th and 20th minutes, there was an assist from “Lucio” for Jorge Carrascal to shoot the ball and another shot from the same Liverpool winger.But Alisson Becker was starting to become a character and drowned out the goal scream. The bad news for the Colombian national team came when Davinson Sanchez received the yellow card that he accumulated and was excluded from the visit to Paraguay next Tuesday, November 21.

At the age of 23, there was a new match in which Diaz was the protagonist, and as best as possible, the Brazilian defenders took him out of the penalty area. As the end led to Colombia, Brazil lost Vinicius Junior in the 26th minute, and Joao Pedro took his placeHe is a long way from Real Madrid’s fast player.

30 minutes ago, The counterattack once again made “Lucho” Díaz the protagonist and Andre was the great savior, before the expected celebration arrived for the son of Ms. Selenis and Mr. Luis Manuel.. They were in the stands, enjoying the attention, but suffering because of the result against them.

Before the end of the first half, there was a decline in rhythm and level in both teams, and there was a complaint from James Rodriguez due to an alleged penalty kick. He ignored the central referee and the video assistant referee, and the first half ended in a 0-1 draw.

The second time of “Lucho” and screams for freedom

The beginning of the second half was very similar to what was seen at the beginning of the match in the capital region, Brazil in front and attacking, but this time Colombia knew how to hold on and the change with the entry of Christian Borja gave Deiver Machado a goal. Solid on the left wing and a better partner for Diaz in attack. Yes in deed, There was a pass from Rodrigo and a pass to Rafinha that almost made it 0-2, but Camilo Vargas was the savior and kept the deficit to a minimum..

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Minutes passed, Lucho continued to lead the attack, Carrascal was able to finish, and Alisson once again thwarted the goal cry.There was another shot from Diaz that went too wide and in another play, something that rarely happens to him, the ball passed between the legs of the Liverpool winger.

Another controversy occurred when Gabriel Magalhaes accidentally hit Santos Borre in the face, which the Colombian striker called for as a penalty kick, but which also went over the referees’ heads. And At the age of 67, this was the five-time world champion’s highlight, a shot that hit the post and silenced the crowd..

but The power of Luis Diaz He returned with a shot that came close to the goal and the crowd chanted a goal because he moved the net, then there was another intervention from Alisson that frustrated Diaz. But the same thing was not going to happen all night, and in the 74th minute, Borja’s wonderful cross came from the left side and “Lucho” Diaz’s header from the far post stunned everyone and resulted in a fair draw, especially in the match I was in. Doing guajiro.

Far from being a reason for Brazil to wake up, the equalizer was a driving force for the stadium to become a cauldron and Diaz to continue to advance, in this second half in the company of his teammates. In the 79th minute, the score became 2-1, after a pass from Richard Reus, a precise cross from James, and a wonderful header from Lewis.

At that moment the stadium seemed non-existent and in the stands the father of the great personality “Tricolor” seemed to have fainted with emotion.

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“Manny” Diaz spoke about his son’s goals in the Colombia vs. Colombia match. Brazil

Once the match was over, he left the box where he enjoyed, struggled and ended up celebrating his freedom and his son’s performance in a wonderful way. Luis Manuel Diaz spoke about what he experienced thanks to “Lucho”: “Thank God Lucho was doing (his job) to score goals. They didn’t want to get there, but I had confidence they would get there because today there was a reason to score a goal and celebrate.” To make it history… Lucho is up to Brazil!.

In a broken voice, disturbed by what he had just gone through, Mr. Díaz responded to the journalist from Caracol Televisión:

Excited, I gained my freedom thanks to my son and all the Colombian people who supported me and my family, so I could leave this captivity. Thank you all with love… It means moving forward, continuing to work for sports in the province of La Guajira and Colombia, helping everyone who can help, making sacrifices so that other athletes can become talented, just like “Lucho” Díaz.

At the end of his speech, the father of the great hero of “La Tricolore” uttered this cry that meant so much to his kidnapping, a message to the ELN and also to the rest of the world: “Long live freedom, long live peace for Colombia”.