November 30, 2023

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Spacecraft launch schedule and where to watch it live today

Spacecraft launch schedule and where to watch it live today

The largest space giant created by SpaceX, the aerospace company it leads Elon Musk,Ready for your efforts Try again To conquer the earthly sky. After the dramatic result of its previous attempt last April, the Starship spacecraft It crashed minutes after take-offAfter seven months, SpaceX is preparing for a new chapter in its ambitious project.

Behind the consent For the second launch by the US Federal Aviation Administration, SpaceX’s innovative project will end with a pause of approximately 20 minutes seven months. In this sense, the agency highlighted that SpaceX has complied with all safety, environmental, policy and financial responsibility requirements.

Place and time of SpaceX launch

As Elon Musk’s company revealed in a statement, the flight test will take place next Friday Boca Chica, Texas. Likewise, he stated that “a two-hour launch window will open at 7:00 AM Central Time (6:30 PM EST),” 14:00 Spain time.

Where to watch the SpaceX launch

Likewise, SpaceX revealed that live feed The test will start approximately 35 minutes before take off It will be available in your Official Website And in social network.

Finally, the airline stated that the second test will include Big improvementsK Hot phase separation systemnew Electronic control system for propulsion vectorse (TVC) for Super Heavy Raptor engines, Strengthen At the base of the platform and oblique Water cooled steel flame. In this sense, SpaceX emphasizes that this iterative approach to rapid development has been “the foundation for all of SpaceX’s major innovative developments, including Falcon, Dragon, and Starlink. Recursive improvement is essential as we work to build a fully reusable transportation system capable of transporting crew and cargo to Earth orbit., helping humanity return to the Moon and, eventually, travel to Mars and beyond.

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