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Luis Miguel at the National Stadium: this is how you can buy the last tickets for his concert on February 25

Luis Miguel at the National Stadium: this is how you can buy the last tickets for his concert on February 25

Luis Miguel arrived in Peru with his daughter, Michelle Salas.

the singer Luis Miguel He arrived in our country on Thursday, February 22, with his daughter Michelle Salas. Amid great expectations, the artist went to Peru to perform two concerts. On February 24th and 25th. Let's remember that the first date is sold out, but tickets for the second are still available.

Luis Miguel, 53, is known for his powerful voice, as well as being one of the most successful artists in Spanish music. He has sold approximately 90 million records worldwide, and has sung in multiple genres and styles, including pop songs, ballads, boleros, tango, jazz, big band, and mariachi.

He is also known as the only Latin singer of his generation who did not cross over into the Anglo-Saxon market during the “Latin explosion” of the 1990s and remained the best-selling artist of that decade.

She has a huge number of fans and Peru cannot be the exception. They were precisely the ones who were present when they arrived Luis Miguel To our country. he “Sun of Mexico” He set foot on Inca territory after 2 a.m. on February 22 and was transported by armored truck. Despite speculation that he would arrive with his girlfriend and daughter, he only came down with his eldest daughter.

Luis Miguel He is scheduled to appear at 9pm in the giant statue of Jose Diaz, with a luxurious set ready to last 90 minutes.

You can purchase your tickets at Telephone ticket. There are still the last tickets available for this second date.

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Ticket prices for the Mexican star's show are as follows:

North runway area: S/177

East runway area: S/690

Western District (numbered): S/690

Preferential zone (parking): S/362

VIP area (standing): S/608

Platinum Zone (seats): S/790

You can still purchase tickets for the second date of Luis Miguel's concert. Configure Infobae Peru

To buy tickets you should take into consideration some Basic requirements before and during purchase on the Teleticket platform We will detail everything below.

First, remember that you can make your purchase from any device connected to the Internet, which is why you should check your connection, have your card on hand to make a quick purchase and not fail in your attempt. Another essential point is that your card has the online shopping option enabled.

1. Go to the Teleticket website or by clicking here.

2. Create your user account. They will ask you for your password and personal information, as well as your current email address.

3. Confirm your registration by entering your email and then you will return to the Teleticket page.

These steps are very important because if you don't have a Teleticket account and want to make a direct purchase, when you enter your card information, they will send you to create an account and that will take longer. Do these first steps hours or days before your tickets are pre-sold and sold.

4. After creating your account, it will be time to log into Teleticket and search for the event you prefer, in this case Luis Miguel. If your ticket pre-sale is at 9:00 AM, you must enter at least 10 minutes early and wait in the virtual queue to be assigned a spot upon purchase.

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5. When you have your place in the virtual queue, all you have to do is wait. Once it's your turn, you'll automatically enter the event and the event areas and prices will appear.

6. Choose your seats and the area you want to be in > Reserve a seat > Buy. Here you will have to enter your card details.

7. At the end you will see that the purchase has been made and your tickets or entry tickets will be immediately in the “My e-Tickets” section. Make sure they are there, your entry is secured.

Remember not to share your ticket with anyone and attend the event using your printed ticket.

fact: In the case of pre-sale, the discount is made automatically and in the same steps.

Luis Miguel will perform two concerts in Peru on February 24 and 25.

They pay and enter from 7 years old, accompanied by an adult responsible for their safety, and each has their own ticket.