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Luis Miguel sang the theme of a famous Disney movie thanks to artificial intelligence

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Thanks to artificial intelligence, Luis Miguel gave life to the Disney character

the artificial intelligence It continues to advance by leaps and bounds and increasingly surprises viewers with this kind of technology that has shown that even voices can be impersonated and this is what happened with a famous movie. Disney Where, thanks Amnesty Internationalwe can listen to Luis Miguel Perform a song from mouse company.

It should be noted that before the full version of this video was released, part of it was published first, but fans… Luis Miguel It is an animated movie Hercules Who requested the full version he produced Amnesty International With translator’s voice Now you can leave.

The song in question was I will reach my goal Who plays a Hercules Young at the time he searches for his true identity and where he came from, because although he always suspected that he was not the real son of his parents, they were the ones who confirmed his suspicions by telling him that he may have had origin in… Mount OlympusIt is a place that, according to Greek mythology, was the home of the gods.

The response from audiences was so positive that some considered it should be so Luis Miguel Who gives voice to Hercules Well, it sounds much better, although that should be noted as well Ricky MartyN, who is behind the original voice of the anime demigod, has received praise and applause for his work Voice actor.

“Luis Miguel should have called him Hercules”, “Luis Miguel as a young man is the same Hercules as an adult”, “And without a doubt if he had sung it in his style it would have been a thousand times better”, “Always a character Hercules “Luis Miguel looked a lot like me,” netizens commented.

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However, there were those who did not like the beginning of the song and even described that piece as terrible, but in general the version of the song artificial intelligence Popular Disney theme accepted.

In the movie Hercules, another star is Tatiana who gives the voice of Megara. (Photo: [email protected]/Disney)

It is not just used artificial intelligence To overlay artists’ voices into songs performed by others, but also from animation. This is the case of Goku who made the topic Leave By Julieta Venegas Thanks to this kind of technology. The singer-songwriter version of the song was well received by Super Saiyan fans.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the character’s voice was able to achieve great success. Credit: TikTok: caceres_videos_edit

But the warrior defending planet Earth was not the only one who shone thanks to… Amnesty International But also Homer Simpsonone of the most famous yellow-skinned personalities, presented with great feeling (according to netizens) a song by Rocío Durcal.

The yellow character sang one of Rocío Durcal’s songs

All this became possible with evolution artificial intelligence Which is progressing in its development to be able to create alternative and even dystopian realities and futures that are mainly disseminated through social networks.

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