July 14, 2024

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Lula with the desire to be president of Brazil

Lula with the desire to be president of Brazil

Brasilia-. Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva has confirmed that he never wanted to be president of Brazil today at the age of 75, although he has yet to officially confirm his candidacy for the 2022 elections.

In a series of messages on the social network Twitter, the founder of the Labor Party (PT) wrote that he “has no right to quit” and is “online” to run for president, because “the human being he has because he only stops fighting when he dies.

According to Lula, he was convinced that he had fulfilled his life’s mission when he was able to get Brazil off the hunger map. I thought my combat path was over. And that’s when I learned one thing: A person with a reason only stops fighting when he dies. I have no right to withdraw, or remain silent, or carry hate. The Labor Party has an obligation to return. Later we define the filtration. I am not a candidate yet. “But I’m on the waiting list,” he said.

This week, Lula embarked on a trip to the northeast that is seen as the beginning of his journey toward running for power in 2022.

In Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco, he met leaders of the Brazilian Socialist Party, including regional division governor Paulo Camara.

He stated that he was “fully prepared to talk and establish political alliances.” There’s only one thing I won’t give up: people have to be included in the budget. From now on, we will never stop. He expected us to travel the country.

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Opinion polls suggest Lula is the leader in the presidential race, emerging as the main challenger to Governor Jair Bolsonaro.

On the second day of his visit to the northeast, still in Recife, the former labor leader made it clear that he would take the initiative to talk to the military only if Bolsonaro was defeated at the polls next year.

What we will do with the armed forces is that they perform their constitutional function. Armed forces exist to ensure national sovereignty against potential external enemies.

He specified that “if they want to enter politics, (the army should take off) their uniform, and become ordinary citizens, then they can be candidates for everything.”

When he wins, he said, “I will talk because I will be his manager and I will say what I think and what his role is. Because democracy certainly does not support a civilian state ruled by the nearly six thousand soldiers who hold positions of trust in Bolsonaro’s government.

According to the tour’s agenda, the former president will visit Teresina, the capital of PiauĂ­ state, on Tuesday, where he will participate in activities with political leaders, social movements and businessmen.