August 19, 2022

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Lydia Go and Ryan Fox with New Zealand at the Tokyo Games

Lydia Go and Ryan Fox with New Zealand at the Tokyo Games

Olympic runner-up Lydia Coe was selected by New Zealand along with Ryan Fox to represent his country at the Tokyo Olympics.

Lydia Coe competes with New Zealand in the Tokyo Olympics

Eric S. Laser / Eric S. Laser / FE

Olympic runner-up Lydia Co. Has been selected by New Zealand, Next Ryan Fox, To represent your country Tokyo Olympics. Both were already at the 2016 Rio Games.

In this sense, Lydia Co. After the best form shown in recent weeks, he will be one of the best contenders for Olympic gold, in which he has won his first title since 2018. “I am very happy with the Tokyo Games. I have always been proud to represent New Zealand and it is an honor to do so in one place with the best players,” he said.

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For its part, Ryan Fox He is also satisfied with his trip to Tokyo. “I grew up in a family that represents New Zealand. Despite the fact that you play on the European circuit every week, golf does not give you many opportunities. But there I play more for myself. In some games you represent the whole of New Zealand,” he said.

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