May 22, 2022

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Macron, the "intruder" who will extend his "democratic revolution" for another five years in front of the Elysee Palace.

Macron, the “intruder” who will extend his “democratic revolution” for another five years in front of the Elysee Palace.

re-elected president of France, Emmanuel MacronHe has an obscure political profile. It is categorized as liberal, centrist and ‘external’Some of the labels he has been drawing since his arrival in French politics.

His father, politician François Hollande, defined him as a “A goalless traveler”. He has been key in the political life of Macron, who was first deputy secretary general of Hollande’s presidency and then headed the economy portfolio in his socialist government until 2016 launching his own political party, En Marcha! , which he defended as a “democratic revolution and the nomination of “neither left nor right”.

After winning the 2017 presidential election, he changed his name and was renamed The republic is on its way. Macron won with two out of three votes in the second round of elections and became France’s youngest president at 39.

During that Five years of ruleMacron had to lead the ‘yellow vest’ protests in 2018, with the pandemic crisis and the war in Ukraine, and although he has tried to get a picture of a confidant politician, he doesn’t convince many French.

Some voters feel rejected by the candidate because of the arrogance with which he presents himself as the first in the class. Although he always was: Graduated with honors in Philosophy and At the age of 27 he was already considered an intellectual of French politics.

The three main drawbacks that voters point to in opinion polls are that while Macron has the merits of a president, some believe he does. too authoritarianthey feel interest towards your person or consideration demagogue. In all three respects, she has been sensational following her rival, Marine Le Pen, in the polls.

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In this election, although it was not a surprise in the previous elections, she won the support of the parties of the French left and right by taking on Marine Le Pen in a second round.

political leaders such as the candidate of La France Insumisa, Jean-Luc Melenchon; Valerie Pecres, Republican (Conservative) candidate; Fabien Roussel, candidate of the French Communist Party; Ecologist Yannick Gadot. The Socialist Party candidate, Anne Hidalgo, demanded or insisted a vote for Macron A healthy cordon for the far-right candidateWhich this time made it to the second round With more possibilities than ever before.

Among Macron’s main electoral promises for this election is to continue sending weapons to Ukraine and punish Russia, or to increase the retirement age to 65 years.