August 19, 2022

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Madrileño C. Tangana song and video by Bachata Atio with Nathi Peloso

Madrileño C. Tangana song and video by Bachata Atio with Nathi Peloso

Spanish musician C. Tangana leads the nominations for Los 40 Music Awards He reached the finals in the top Latin Grammy categories for Album & Songs Madeleine, his latest full album project.

To celebrate the very successful start of the year-end, announce the collaboration atheist In which Argentine actress Nathi Peloso participated. The idea is inspired by bachata, a musical genre that Tangana explored during a research trip to the Dominican Republic.

Tangana first explored bachata in her hit song You stopped loving me, which is a subject in which elements of the genre are combined. Halfway through his trip to the Dominican Republic, he was able to meet legends like Luis Segura with whom he hopes to collaborate in the future.

. official video atheist It’s also C. Tangana’s directorial debut, a vision shared with Little Spain’s visual collaborators.

“I have always been fascinated by filmmaking and am a huge fan of films,” C. Tangana shares. “I’ve been working on my videos, but this is the first time I’ve made them. In addition to the aesthetics, the photo depicts how I feel, and the song shows and the nuances of the lyrics.”

The three-minute, fifty-nine-second song was written by Anton Alvarez Alvaro, Christian Querante Catalan, Nathi Peloso and Victor Martinez and produced by C.

on video | C. Tangana – El Madrileño [Completo] – Trace by shock tracking

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