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Main astrological dates in January 2023: the most important events of the month

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Month January It marks the beginning of new opportunities to achieve all our goals and objectives. Therefore, we invite you to find out Main astrological dates in January 2023. Plus, we’re giving you a taste of which signs will have the best of luck throughout the year. Read on!

Mercury retrograde

As we already know, the 2023 I started under the influence Mercury retrograde In Capricorn, he invites us to think and make all decisions related to work and love with a lot of patience. Remember that you must be calm and not decide anything without thinking about it first!


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We recommend watching this video to learn more about this phenomenon and its impact on your life.

Main astrological dates in January 2023

January 3: Venus entered Aquarius
January 6: Full Moon in Cancer, also known as the Wolf Moon
January 14th: Waning Moon in Libra
January 18th: The end of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn
January 20: Sun in Aquarius
January 21st: New Moon in Aquarius
January 28th: ​​Crescent Moon in Taurus

What are the signs that will dominate the year 2023?


the Zodiac forecastThey say that it will be a great year for you to achieve all your goals, objectives and dreams that have been inside of you for a long time. It is also the mark with the highest lucky for him 2023. Take advantage of it!


this is Zodiac sign It will have a very special energy, which invites you to look into the future and improve communication between your partner, friends and family. In addition, you will have impressive personal and professional growth, so we invite you to learn more about it numerology, so you can make the most of this line. So good to you, Aquarius!

Make the most of this year!

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If you, like us, are a huge fan of the stars, we recommend that you are fully aware of all our content, because we will have many infallible tips for you to succeed, as the star that you are. Until next time, girl cheerfulness!

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