April 22, 2024

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Make up 852 bricomiles for health in Zulia

Make up 852 bricomiles for health in Zulia

A total of 852 Military Community Health Brigades (Bricomiles) were formed and activated, Saturday 9 in Zulia State, in order to improve the system for responding to complaints received through VenApp from 1 x 10 of Good Government and strengthen the national public health system.

The Patria Bolivariana People’s Medical Office, in the Diocese of Idelfonso Vázquez in Maracaibo, was the leading center in the formation of these brigades, in which the Unitary Health Authority of the Zulian entity, José Miguel Medina, participated; PDVSA Salud-Occidente’s sole authority, Mayreth Acosta; Ramos Ireza, commander of District 11 in Zulia, soldiers from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the Bolivarian National Militia and the popular force of the community inhabited by the majority of families of the Wayuu people.

Vulnerable Communities Priority

Jacqueline Michel, Director of the People’s Authority of Health in Zulia State, noted that the Patria Bolvariana People’s Medical Office is a point and circle of five vulnerable communities, such as: Patria Bolivariana, Oct 12; July 2, June 25 and Kindo, made up of more than 2000 families.

He explained that in the first phase, these teams, consisting of at least 10 brigades, will be deployed in 788 popular clinics and in 64 Comprehensive Community Health Districts (ASIC), in order to carry out the necessary work to advance the repair and rehabilitation of the infrastructures of the indicated spaces.

In the first phase, care will be prioritized in 113 health centers acquired through the Good Government 1×10 platform powered by the VenApp on line 58, enabled for complaints of various types.

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After the formation of the Bricomiles, the tasks of inspection and assessment of conditions began, in order to start deep and structural repairs and beautify all popular clinics.

The structure of the Bricomiles de Salud

Bricomiles are organized by Coordinators of Health Committees, Community Agents, Somos Venezuela, System of Large Missions and Missions, FANB, Bolivarian Militia and technical personnel needed to improve the national public health system.

According to the president’s national strategy, by Saturday, July 16, the entire Barrio Adentro I and II system, outpatient clinics, and comprehensive diagnostic centers (CDIs), comprehensive strength rehabilitation rooms (SRIs) and high-tech centers (CATs) should begin to operate.

Conference in Kowloon Municipality

Health Bricomiles in the Municipality of Colón had the meeting point of the José Martí High Technology Center headquarters, in San Carlos de Zulia and as reported by @PSUV_ColonZulia in a tweet, this day was fulfilled “in response to guidance from Pdte @NicolasMaduro and in a team effort, the #BricomilesSalud for the José Martí CAT Center has been revitalized. High Technology Center – San Carlos de Colón #SurDelLago #Zulia, to take care of the people of Colón, working together for life!”

The CFS Villa Del Rosario del Inces team enthusiastically joined the event and this is how they describe in a message posted on their account @ZuliaInces “We are working together for! The CFS Villa Del Rosario team from @ZuliaInces has been deployed in the formation of #Bricomiles in Health, at ASIC Ilapeca, serving Perijá sub-district, where loving support will be provided.

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