December 4, 2021

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Maori tribe urges New Zealand anti-vaccine protesters not to wear their hakka

Maori tribe urges New Zealand anti-vaccine protesters not to wear their hakka

There are no limits to cultural allocation. On Monday a Maori tribe asked anti-vaccine protesters to stop wearing one of their best-known hookahs in New Zealand, which marks a traditional traditional dance created in the 19th century.

Haqqa, the internationally famous Maori war dance performed by the New Zealand team (All Blacks) in rugby, is considered a cultural tradition (or Property), In the country. In particular, it is called hokka Ka Made, It was composed by De Roubara, a warrior leader from the Ngatti Toa tribe, which is rooted in the southern part of the North Island of New Zealand.

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“As a descendant of De Raubaraha, we urge the opposition to stop using us. Property Immediately, “Pou Tikanga Dr. Taku Parai made the request in a statement quoted by Radio New Zealand.” Clues (Ancestors) or ours iwi (Tribes) are communicating with their message, “The Mவோori representative noted that the anti-vaccine was not supported by his tribe.

This famous hakka has been used in recent anti-vaccination protests in New Zealand, and Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has been warned that he wants to teach it to future protesters.

As descendants of De Raubaraha, we urge the protesters to immediately stop using our ‘Tonga’ (tradition).

Dr. My parai de po dikangaMோori representative

Barai stressed that his tribe was “effective” in vaccination campaigns against Govt-19 because many of their ancestors had died as a result of infections that had plagued them since British colonialism.

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The demand of the tribes has come amid concerns that the Maori sovereign movements are being taken over by vaccine resistance, some of whom argue that the vaccine represents a form of “modern colonialism,” but this clashes with the position of major Maori sovereign activists. According to an article by journalist Morgan Godfery, the needle Defender.


Anti-vaccine protesters dance the hockey dance in Wellington, New Zealand

Hagen Hopkins / Getty

Vaccination rates among Maoris in New Zealand are alarmingly low: Health Ministry figures show that 77% of Maori candidates (over the age of 12) have received at least one dose and 61% have been fully vaccinated. In comparison, more than 80 percent of the target population received both a single dose and 81%.

“To protesters who want to use our message Ka Made They use a different hockey. We do not support use Ka Made For this purpose, “he added a representative of this Maori tribe, the original people of New Zealand.

Rugby Union - Women's International - England v New Zealand - Franklin Gardens, Northampton, UK - November 7, 2021 New Zealand players perform hookah before the match Action Pictures via Reuters / Andrew Boers

The New Zealand rugby team played hockey before the start of the game against England last week


New Zealand authorities have been able to provide a complete schedule of the Covit-19 vaccine to more than 80 percent of the population, but especially against the misinformation that exists among Maori, where only 50 percent of the target population is fully vaccinated.

New Zealand, a country that believes 90 percent of the target population will be reopened with the vaccine, is currently facing a Covit-19 eruption with a delta variant, which was discovered in Auckland last August. Maritime country.

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The maritime nation, which recorded 173 new Covit-19 cases on Monday, accumulates more than 8,860 confirmed and potential infections, including 34 deaths and more than 3,600 active cases.