July 1, 2022

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Marc Anthony, end of the party

Marc Anthony, end of the party

he have Marc Anthony Measure taken in RCDE Stadiumwhich Friday night was again the scene of his tour as it passed through Barcelona, ​​as had already happened successfully on July 1, 2016, curiously at the start of the Chen Yansheng era, which was then reported €200,000 of income. The ‘Pa’lla Voy Tour‘Because he was baptized in this round that It gathered about 23,000 spectators in Cornella El Pratput the Snowing at the end of a particularly busy season In the Espanyol stadium since the ball stopped rolling at the end of the league.

The bye from Diego Lopez Based on David Lopez Earlier this week, with an audience in the main grandstand plus Subscribe campaignthe differences for 25 or 50 year olds as partners and the bye bye to Didak Villait was more blue and white together Academy Championship and the Nostra Catalonia Sens Cup BorderIn these weeks he shines first because of the match dispute Friendly between Peru and New Zealand (1-0), both teams that were preparing for the World Cup qualifiers won’t finally make it, but that came together in Cornella El Prat 32149 viewers.

also about 23,000 Like Marc Anthony, who couldn’t be much more than that due to the theater structure itself, access ramps and security measures, gathered the concert last week “Oh my goal!”organized by LaLiga, which brought together urban artists such as Rao Alejandro, Steve Aoki, Maria Becerra, Bizarab, and Juan Magan.

Maria Becerra performing during the concert


Maria Becerra performing during the concert “Oh My Gol!” from last week.GorcalisaJournal AS

After New York Music with Puerto Rican Accent by Marc Anthony, RCDE Stadium prepares for forced re-seedingLike every summer. The same event happened last season between the end of July and August 21, when the Alberico team appeared at home in the league against Villarreal (0-0). Just like that occasion, Espanyol asked to play on the first day at homewith a competitor who will know very soon, as the draw will take place next Thursday at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation.

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