June 25, 2022

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Puebla de Sanabria calls for the convening of the Health Council of the Sanabria Primary District

Puebla de Sanabria calls for the convening of the Health Council of the Sanabria Primary District

Of the ten team physicians and four district physicians assigned to Sanabria ZBS, the following were lost on 16 June: two sick leave, one with political office in the regional courts, one outgoing guard, one vacancy in Puente de Sanabria, and one retirement vacancy (Requejo de Sanabria) And four vacancies for area doctors.

For this reason, José Fernández Blanco, Mayor of Puebla de Sanabria, by letter presented at the Puebla de Sanabria Health Center, requested the urgent appeal of the Health Board of the Primary Health District of Sanabria

In total, today there are only four out of the 14 doctors that should be available to work at the Sanbria Health Center, well, every one of these four doctors is attending his party and piling up with another fellow missing fellow, but with that, the 10 medical areas can’t be covered Existing, leaving medical areas to attend.

José Fernández Blanco asserts that his assertion that “the problem of the health situation due to the lack of doctors in Zamora has been resolved, is a grave error that does not contribute to its solution, and the development of Sanabria with concrete and objective data demonstrates this. The summer of 2012 arrives, and on these dates the health councils met to see the medical reinforcements which were necessary and to organize the care of the displaced, the large number of visitors and the huge number of summer camp places in which children and young people settle. Our health zone.”

“Now as mayor of the Puebla de Sanabria City Council, I am obliged to ask the Health Council to meet to analyze the upcoming tragic situation,” he adds. For the mayor of Puebla de Sanabria, “Not three, four or, at best, five doctors can do the work of ten. Also, given the huge increase in the population. We want to expand the lack of nursing resources in this way.. as In the administrative apparatus: Do not forget that there are hundreds of displaced people who have to register these days.”

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That’s why “He calls the Health Board to convene urgently to analyze the present of our center and so that all members know what health workers face if resources are not expanded immediately. By the way, it is always necessary to have guards with two doctors, now necessary.”