July 1, 2022

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Márquez recae en la diplopía

Marquez relapses into double vision

Shocking news again for Marc Marquez. When Cervera seemed to have overcome all his physical limitations and there was no longer talk of pain in his right arm, reality shook him again with his worst nightmare. The eight-time world champion suffers a new episode of diplopia, as a result of Suffered a hard fall during the warm-up period for the Indonesian Grand Prix Which took him out of the race “with a concussion and several minor injuries.”

Examinations at Mataram Hospital, the capital of Lombok Island. Exclusion of major injuries Despite this, as a precaution, Repsol Honda, along with the rider, decided not to participate in a test that amounted to a global deluge. But the worst news returned to Spain, where the team explained in its statement: “Marc Marquez began to feel uncomfortable seeing him and upon his arrival in Barcelona, On Monday, he urgently went to the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona with his trusted ophthalmologist, Dr. Sanchez Dalmao, who After reconnaissance confirmed, the setback in Doubia suffered by the pilot last November.”

Marc Marquez returned this Tuesday to visit his medical team led by Dr. Samuel Antonia at Rober International Hospital in Madrid. There, the eight-time world champion”He underwent a general medical examination to assess all bruising from the fall and an MRI of the brain.” The good news, within this new Honda club, is that it has been confirmed once again that there has been no further injury. “Looks like I live in deja vu… During the flight back to Spain, I started to feel uncomfortable seeing me and we decided to visit Dr. Sanchez Dalmao. who confirmed that I have a new round of diploma “, Mark himself commented on his social networks.

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Although this relapse, fortunately, was caused “due to right fourth nerve palsy” it’s a “Less damage than the November 2021 injury.” After the tests, Doctors will again opt for “conservative treatment with regular tests”, Just like what happened last winter that left Marquez out of the last two races of 2021. The man didn’t return from Lleida to ride a motorbike until three months later, Although now it is still too early to talk about the dates.

So far, Honda “will be subject to a new review next week To assess lesion development He predicted the estimated recovery period for a return to competition.” Once again patience is your best ally. Mark added via his networks: “Now is the time to rest and wait and see how the injury progresses. As always, thank you all for your support!”