May 27, 2022

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Meat consumption is just a little unjustified

Meat consumption is just a little unjustified

Meat lovers are clear: Humans should feed ourselves with a yes or a yes based on the animals. There is no other alternative. In this way, other points of view such as a vegetarian or vegan diet are eliminated. There is one argument that stands out above all: the fact that Meat was the key to human evolution. This is true. More will be missing. Thanks to the consumption of proteins, vitamins, and minerals from meat that early humans hunted, our growth was possible up to where we are today. The development of the brain, jaws, intestines and our entire body was greatly affected by eating meat in the past. This is evidenced by Scientific evidence. Good evidence of this is the human adaptation to meat consumption and its mechanisms of digestion and metabolism. There is no tutu here.

However, this does not justify the promotion of meat consumption today, at least in developed countries and in the context of our welfare state. Because yes, we are complaining about many everyday problems: our mobile battery runs out, our WiFi is stolen by the neighbor, Instagram goes down every two to three times. But The truth is that we live like God.

Generally speaking, we are not short of food we put in our mouths and have more than meets our daily energy needs. Of course, there are exceptions, but the bulk of the advanced population doesn’t have to worry about hare hunting to survive or sleeping by the light of a fire. By this we mean that although the consumption of meat was so Fundamental to human evolutionAnd the Does not mean In itself What is currently needed or mandatory in the diet. The line that separates the two concepts is very strong.

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No need for meat

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Today it is possible to follow an exclusively vegetarian diet and stay healthy. The wide range of vegetarian and vegan options in supermarkets makes it easy, although the shadow of ultra-processed products is still always in search of. Except for Vitamin B12 To be supplemented, the rest of the nutrients provided by meat and other foods of animal origin, such as fats, proteins, B vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc or phosphorous, can be completely replaced with plant food sources such as legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds and oils.

On the other hand, scientific evidence points to a place that bothers many: meat. Red and processed meat Aged sausage appears to be linked to a higher prevalence of certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. That’s what he said a few years ago IARC . group Who is theand indexing red meat as a “possible carcinogen” and Processed meat as a ‘carcinogen’ Based on scientific evidence.