January 19, 2022

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Marvel Studios personaje femenino

Marvel Studios will add a shocking female character

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe has several female characters to choose from and they seem clear about their next star.

Post-credits scene eternity (2021) added to code Because we heard his voice warning Dean Whitman (Kit Harrington). right Now, Marvel Studios They plan a solo part of this character and get to know more details about the female role they are looking for as the perfect actress.

casting call for code Describes the female character they would add:

Marvel Studios is looking for a French-speaking North African actress (ages 20-40) to play a character named FAIZA, who is described as a strong, agile fighter with a strong presence. She is also a conversationalist who never holds back. Potential candidates for the job must be Open for training in advance.Actresses with combat experience are encouraged to apply.

d studios  Faiza Hussein Marvel

Who could be Vasya?

Description and name exactly match Dr. Faiza HussainAnd his code name is . Excalibur Because she was the first Muslim woman to use the legendary sword of King Arthur. worked for him MI13 and met Dean Whitman During Skrull’s invasion of Earth. They came to have a romantic relationship. Fayza He fought alongside Doctor Strange and Captain Britain, but he also faced incredible villains like Dracula. Which indicates that it is related to code And that’s exactly what they can teach in Marvel Film Studios.

Remember that we will first see a series Disney Plus titled Caballero Luna (Moon Night) championship Oscar Isaac how Mark Spector. But there is already speculation that the character was played before Ethan Hawke it will be Dracula We will also see that code From Mahershala Ali. So we can check out how to start putting all the pieces on the big board. Marvel Studios.

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